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Why you want (need!) a Hokema Kalimba

Why you want (need!) a Hokema Kalimba

 "If you can text you can play a Kalimba"

We got to attend the 2019 NAMM Show and the VisionQuest Sound conducted this sweet interview with our friend musicians Brandon Blake which is all about Hokema Kalimbas and their signature instrument creation: the Sansula. 

Brandon Blake at the 2019 NAMM Show talking about Hokema Kalimbas with VisionQuest Sound

To learn more about all the yummy products currently on offer, check out our latest product line videos giving you a lovely overview of all Hokema's Kalimbas from tiny to deluxe:  

Love the Sansula but the tunings on offer don't go with your instrument setup? No worries! Did you know that Hokema Kalimbas and Sansula can be tuned to pretty much ANY tuning? We offer a "tuning tool" that helps you hammer the tines to change any of the pitches. Listen through to this ecclectic collection of different ways folks have retuned the Sansula: 

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