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How to create mesmerizing sound compositions on handpan and tongue drum 🎶

How to create mesmerizing sound compositions on handpan and tongue drum 🎶

Are you curious about handpans and tongue drums? Perhaps you've seen them on our website but aren't sure what the differences in tonal quality are and how they might each be used separately or together? And what about singing with these instruments?

Kalani Das of World Drum Club

We're excited to bring you this long-form interview featuring our long-time friend Kalani Das of World Drum Club - a YouTube Channel with with over 200K subscribers that features hundreds of tutorials and reviews of percussion instruments. Kalani takes us on an in-depth exploration of our Metal Sounds instruments, offering a beautiful demonstration featuring the Spacedrum Evolution and Zenko Drum. 

Metal Sounds Spacedrum Evolution and Zenko Drum

Kalani also shares with us how he creates mesmerizing sound textures using live looping to layer the sounds and play both drums together - even as a solo performer. 

This truly is showcase for how We Play Well Together instruments truly play well together! 

Watch our interview with Kalani Das: 

In this video you'll learn...

  • What is the difference between a handpan and a tongue drum
  • How might these different instruments be used
  • Why the Zenko drum is like the "sportscar" of tongue drums 
  • How the Evolution is a handpan with a long sustain
  • How to use live looping to create sound layers
  • Why to buy the highest quality instrument you can afford
  • Why singing with pitched percussion is like having a duet partner
Deciding to purchase a handpan or tongue drum can be a big decision! These high quality instruments you may first dream about, put on your "wish list", while playing the sound samples of the different tunings on the website and allowing the right instrument to call to you when you're ready. Metal Sounds instruments are made in France to order and often take weeks to handcraft just for you - so be sure to allow ample time between ordering and receiving your new sound companion. They're well worth waiting for. 

Browse Tongue Spacedrums and Tongue Drums 

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