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Music Therapists on utilizing our instruments for Music Therapy

Music Therapists on utilizing our instruments for Music Therapy

The We Play Well Together family of instruments - which include monochords, tongue drums, handpans, kalimbas and hanging chimes - have all been utilized in a variety of different music therapy applications. 

According to Music Therapist Katie Down (LCAT, MT-BC, MMT, MM):

"possible clinical uses of our instruments include: 

  • Bedside for Hospice Care
  • Ameliorate somatic symptoms associated with emotional stress
  • Recreative and Receptive Methods
  • Clinical Improvisation
  • Song Writing
  • Self-Soothing Methods
  • Supporting Children and Adults with Special Needs
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Therapeutic Group and Relational Work
  • Supporting Vocal Exploration and Breath Work" 

We created a 15-minute highlight video just for music therapists to get an idea of the many different instruments and possible applications for their use, featuring instruments built by Hokema Kalimbas, feeltone and Metal Sounds

Note: feeltone instruments - including wood drums, monochords, and sound furniture - can now be specially coated for disinfection to adhere to current safety and cleaning protocols. 

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And be sure to join us in our digital booth this week at the American Music Therapy Association 2021 Conference October 14th -17th! 

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