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We Play Well Together elemental instruments - Hokema kalimbas, Zaphyr chimes and metal tongue drums from Metal Sounds. | weplaywelltogether

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For the person who didn’t think they could start anywhere, this is that somewhere… We invite you to join us in the comfiest, gentlest (and sometimes goofiest) space with the kindest of instructors: “Teacher Brandon” who will lovingly coax out our inner child and guide us through through profound play exercises.

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Sister and brother playing Spacedrums by Metal Sounds by the river | weplaywelltogether

Now here's the BIG question: Can you make beautiful music on a handpan as a beginner?

We say YES as this video features  Joule L'Adara on Spacedrum Evolution (Atlantic'o Tuning) who'd been playing the handpan just a few months along with her brother Mike Moss on Spacedrum Nitro (Sonoro Tuning) who'd only played the handpan for two days before this recording! Granted, Mike's a trained percussionist and many of the drumming skills translate, but Joule's not a drummer at all. 

Variety of Spacedrums and Zenko metal tongue drums by Metal Sounds. | weplaywelltogether

All about Metal Sounds

Metal Sounds from France is the maker of the spacedrum evolution and Nitro. They also just released the Zenko elemental series in the Koshi tunings.

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