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How to chose your Hokema Kalimba, comparison videos

We offer three different Kalimba models.
  1. Kalimbas - a block of cherrywood with different numbers stainless steel tines. From 5 tines to 17 tines. Each model comes in its own default tunning.
  2. Electro Kalimbas : Our most popular Kalimba models with a building pickup so you can connect them to your amplifier.
  3. Sansulas which have our Kalimba block mounted on a drum frame. Available in different materials and different number of tines.

Here is a video which walks you through all the models so you can see and hear the differences.

Tuning made easy with our Tuning Videos and the Tuning Tool .
We have compiled a couple of videos showing you different tuning flavors for your B9 or any Sansulas.
The tuning tool has an indention on the top so you can securely place it at the end of the tine and it won't slide when you use a hammer to tap the tuning tool and push the tines in or out. 
We show you how its down in the videos plus you get to hear the different tuning suggestions.
If you would like to design your own Tuning here is a TUNING PDF that shows you the default tunning and the different possible positions for the tines and the resulting tunning.