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Bonus Time Music: Live-Looping with Brandon Blake!

Bonus Time Music: Live-Looping with Brandon Blake!

Musician, Child Educator and Animal Rights Activist Brandon Blake of @bonustimemusic went live on Facebook during the NAMM 2021 virtual Show "Believe in Music" Week to demonstrate his unique way of working with the WE PLAY WELL TOGETHER family of instruments including: Hokema Kalimbas, Metal Sounds Tongue Drums, and feeltone Monochords & Tinka Tongs - combined with electric bass and live looping. We think you'll find this video inspirational and will hopefully give you ideas of how you can utilize your instrument in intriguing combinations. 

Brandon is truly an innovative musician - having created a specialized playing technique with the Hokema Kalimba Sansula in which he taps and strikes the drumhead of the instrument while plucking and muting the metal tines. Plus - he's figured out a brilliant method to instantly retune the instrument in the middle of his playing - using tiny weighted magnets!

Brandon is also a bass player who skillfully incorporates live looping. Watch him create incredible soundscapes in real time by looping Kalimba, Tongue-Drum and Monochord accompanied by some satisfying bass-bombs to build a body-moving groove overlaid with rich sonic textures and thrilling overtones. 

Best of all, Brandon will charm you with his infectious positivity and playful outlook, helping remind us we all have access to our own childlike playfulness. This is the essence of living in "bonus time" - the time on earth that we get to be here and choose how to live each moment meaningfully. 

Brandon offers weekly Facebook Lives and hosts a weekly room on Clubhouse called "The Kalimba Campfire" in which anyone is invited to drop in and play their live instruments! Join us on the Sounding Circles Club on Clubhouse and drop in on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm Pacific. (If you need an invite to join the new Clubhouse App please email us and we'll get you set up. Clubhouse is now available on iPhone as well as Android in the US!) 

You can learn more about Brandon and listen to his music at:

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