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Monolina Travel Set

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Tuning: A
Chose from 5 different tunings:  A, C,F, G or D
    • 34 strings, 24 overtone 5 bass 5 fifth
    • Size 28.3'' x 13'' x 4.3''
    • Material: ash & cherry wood
    • Weight: 6 lbs

Included in your Travel set:

    • 5 Koto bridges
    • Universal template for minor or major tuning
    • Tuner, Tuning key, some replacement strings
    • 1 set of chopstick mallett
    • 1  Felt mallet
    • 1  Satori mallet (felt/wood)
    • Extendable U stand 11inch( sitting on the floor)  to 26 inches ( sitting on a chair) can be dismantled in fits into the Monolina bag
    • Set of 3 inserts to protect the Monolina and strings


    Monolina C - rich overtones, character tending to major: 24 overtone strings in c', 5 bass strings in c, and 5 fifth strings in g

    Monolina A - rich overtones, character tending to minor: 24 overtone stringsin a, 5 bass strings in A, and 5 fifth strings in e

    Monolina G - crystal clear and universal: 24 overtone strings in g, 5 bass strings in G , and 5 fifth strings in d

    Monolina F - for fullness and vibration: 24 overtone strings in f, 5 bass strings in F and 5 fifth strings in c

    Monolina D - deepest Monolini with strong bass and vibration: 24 overtone strings in d, 5 bass strings D and 5 fifth strings in A 

    How to chose a monochord:


    What our customers are saying...

    "The Monolini is a beautifully crafted intuitive instrument that is perfect for sound healing with vocal improv groups because it creates a magical music bed over which delicious harmonies can be created. It so easily produces enchanting  overtones that a person playing it can simultaneously sit in a meditative state and keep the strings sounding with little effort. People are incredibly drawn to this lovely portable monochord whenever I give workshops."

    - Joule L'adara, founder of Sounding Circles LLC


    "As a music therapist, I know about the incredible therapeutic value of sound and vibration. I uses the monochord to begin and end her yoga classes, massage therapy sessions, and guided meditations. Because we synchronize with our sonic environment- a principle called "entrainment"- the monochord is a powerful tool that induces a parasympathetic response, reducing heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, pulse and brainwave activity. It facilitates a shift from the busy thinking and doing states to a calm feeling and being state, thereby promoting relaxation and preparing her clients to enter and receive deep healing through yoga, bodywork and meditation."

    - Katarina Zech, Board Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Guide.  

    Chose your Tuning:

    Monolina in C: 24 overtone strings in C`, 5 bass strings in C, and 5 strings in fifth G. Rich overtones tending to major.

    Monolina in A: 24 overtone strings in A, 5 bass strings in A, and 5 strings in fifth E (Tanpura tuning).  Rich overtones tending to minor.

    Monolina in G: 24 overtone strings in G, 5 bass strings in g, and 5 strings in fifth d (Tanpura tuning).

    Monolina in F: 24 overtone strings in F, 5 bass strings in F, and 5 strings in fifth C (Tanpura tuning). Vibration in abundance.

    Monolina in D: 24 overtone strings in D, 5 bass strings in D, and 5 strings in fifth A (Tanpura tuning).  Strong bass with strong vibration.

    Can't decide?

    • check out our How to chose your Monolina tuning 
    • We offer a 30 min online concierge monochord service where we walk you through the different models and talk with you to find out how you are planning to use the monochord.                                                      email: or give us a call 707-972-0196




    How to insert the Template:

     How to replace a string:

    Monolina Manual: Download


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