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How to replace a Monochord string

How to replace a Monochord string:



Here you can download the Instruction Manuals for the different Monochords and Monochord Sound Furnitures.

Monolini Manual

Monolina Manual

Concert KoTaMo MO-46FK Manual

Mediation Monochord MO-60O Manual

Mediation Monochord & Tanpura MO-54T Manual

Phytagoras Monochord  one-sided MO-30P Manual

Konzert Monochord with Koto one sided MO-30K Manual

Soundwave Manual

Monochord Table Manual

Monchair Monochord Chair Manual

Monchair Assembly Manual

Classic Monochord Chair Manual

 How to insert the Bridge template for the Monolina click on the video and it will take you to the part showing you How to

How to replace a string on a Soundwave: