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Hokema - Sansula Deluxe

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  • Fitted with a natural goat skin hide
  • Sansula frame with adjustable tension screws.
  • The Tuning A minor with additional tines pitched at B and F., a´, c´´, c´, a´, a, f´, e´, e´´, b´
  • For children and adults, durable.
  • add a fitted fiberglass reinforced bag to protect your Sansula on the road ,with resonator top for the wah-wah effect on the go.

  • The Sansula Deluxe is a further development of our basic Sansula model. In response to the wishes expressed by many customers, we have fitted it with a robust membrane of genuine goatskin and an adjustable tension device. These modifications greatly increase the range of possibilities of the instrument.

    While the basic Sansula model is too delicate for use by small children, the Sansula Deluxe can be used in nurseries and music schools without fear of the instrument being easily damaged. The Sansula Deluxe must, however, be handled with the same care as all musical instruments. 

    The tuning – A-minor with additional tines pitched at B and F – allows wonderful melodies to be produced almost of their own accord, simply by plucking the tines with the thumbs. As all the notes harmonize with each other, beginners also enjoy immediate success with their instruments. 

    The natural materials used in crafting each of the Deluxe models engender an even richer and warmer sound, while also being more robust. A great instrument for all age groups.

    Measurements: 7.8 x 6,1 x 2,6 inch

    High quality wood: Cherrywood for the Kalimba block and beech wood for the frame

    Sansula Bag
    • Bag reinforced with fiberglass
    • Fully padded on the inside

    • with resonator top for the wah-wah effect on the go
    • Adjustable shoulder-strap
    • Protect your sensual perfectly
    • Lightweight and durable

    Tunning, Books & Tunning Tools

    There is a Book for it:
    The Sansula  book covers a total of 14 different tunings and can be used for the Sansula and the B9.

    Every tuning contains numerous musical possibilities.

    The scope and Dynamic goes from dreamy slow, or bluesy-cool to powerful virtuosic. Genres from Folk , Singer/Songwriter to Celtic Pop and Bluegrass ar covered.

    The 18 pieces presented in this book, will give you examples both on how to use the Kalimba to accompany other instruments and to play the Kalimba as the lead melody instrument.

    In the audio section of this book, each piece is presented on the CD as a play-along -version in a slow tempo, as well as a recording of a band version in the original tempo played solely by acoustic instruments.

    Every notated exercise is available as a MP3 file, on the MP3-CD as well as in the corresponding online-library. Numerous external video and audio examples, linked by QR codes, will give you a deeper insight into the presented material

    Watch Videos and Listen to the different tunings and use our Tunning Tool 

    We have compiled a couple of videos showing you different tuning flavors and how to tune steps, for your B9 or Sansulas.

    The tuning tool has an indention on the top so you can securely place it at the end of the tine. Then it won't slide when you use a hammer to tap the tuning tool and push the tines in or out.
    We show you how its done in the videos plus you get to hear the different tuning suggestions. 

    Create your own Tuning :

    Download our Tuning PDF that will show you the possible notes and position of the different tines. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    I love my sansulas very much. This instrument has allowed me to explore music. The Deluxe has such great sound! This is a great company to work with!

    Ethereal, transcendent sounds. Great for all ages and abilities! (pt 2)

    My review is limited and there's SO much to say, so here's part 2:

    Another tip: there are two A notes (same octave) on tines 1 and 4. I tuned the 4th tine to G and it provides a lot more harmonic possibilities. The duplicated A's resonate to give a floating effect, which is lovely, but it limits chord progressions too much for me.

    You'll probably want a little hammer and a tuning app for your phone. The tuning peg they sell is also worth it because it keeps you from damaging the instrument and hitting the wrong tine by accident.

    I have the book and enjoy it but I think it's too advanced for most starting musicians, especially kids.

    Get the case if you'll be taking it on the road a lot. Otherwise, save the box, which protects it well enough for taking it out on occasion. Otherwise, leave the thing out on a coffee table or someplace prominent so people are inclined to pick it up and experiment.

    If you've read this far, do yourself a favor and buy a sansula!!

    Ethereal, transcendent sounds. Great for all ages and abilities! (pt 1)

    I've had (and loved) kalimbas before but this one is made to a higher standarad of craftsmanship and the drum head makes the notes much more resonant and sustaining. And the wah-wah effect will make heads turn!

    The A-minor tuning with several duplicated notes means you can just pick it up and make pleasing sounds for yourself or someone else. I'm a kids' performer and I use it while the groups are entering to help get them quiet and calm before the show begins. I have them close their eyes and then walk around playing it. Then I ask them what the music makes them think of. "A forest!" "Being underwater" are common answers. One kid said "Powdered donuts," which is still my favorite answer.

    This is the expensive model, with a natural goad skin drum head. It's more durable and all-natural, which I like. the lower priced sansulas have a synthetic head, which, apparently, is not as durable, but I think it'd be a good choice for a beginning musician/child. I just got my nieces the B9 kalimba. It's tuned the same as this but it's just a block of wood (no drum head) and I wanted it to be less fragile. It's also much cheaper.

    One tip for making music: start with a rhythm and then play the rhythm using different notes on the kalimba. This will make it more like a "song" and less like "wind chimes." Nothing wrong with wind chimes, of course, but this thing will teach you the fundamentals of music if you let it and rhythm is really the foundation of traditional music.


    Amazing sound.

    Alexandre Tannous
    A great instrument!

    This is a wonderful and very useful instrument in sound therapy, sound meditation or what is known as "sound healing," "sound bath..." The power of this instruments stems in its ability to shifting and evoking the receiver's emotions by the power of the overall sound of the tines' tuning, the intervals they form, and the harmony and ethos they create. The Sansula is very well crafted and is a long-lasting instruments. The Wah-Wah effect is very useful in deepening one's judicious and attentive listening. I highly recommend it!

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    Peter and Hugo Hokema | weplaywelltogether

    Hokema Kalimbas is now run by the second generation with Peter's son Hugo Hokema at the helm of this family-run business. Today, Hokema has 9 employees has become one of the world's leading manufacturer of beautiful and easy-to-play kalimbas in various models worldwide.