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Our online and IRL Monochord Community

Weclome & come explore with us! 🎊🌈

Join Our Vibrant Monochord Community 🎵: In-Person & Online Meet-ups and Trainings available.

Welcome to our Monochord family.

Enjoy your Monochord    

While Your Monochord Is On Its Way, Dive Into Our Starter Videos for a Quick Begin 🚀
Congratulations on your monochord! 🎶 

Now It's time to dive into tuning it. 

While tuning might seem a bit daunting at first, it's actually a fantastic way to sharpen your listening skills and truly connect with your instrument. 

So you both come into tune with each other 🎵 

To help you get started, we've created a special video guide just for you. And remember, if you need any extra assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to ensure you're enjoying and mastering your monochord in no time.

How to Insert the Bridges and Template.

Now that your monochord is tuned, it's time to position the bridges using the template provided as your guide. With various tuning options available, we're also here to assist in customizing your experience. Whether you want to explore different tunings or add more bridges, just reach out to us. 

For Monolina owners, your instrument includes a set of 5 bridges and a template. 

If you have a Monolini and wish to enhance it with bridges, please contact us to acquire your set. We're here to support your musical journey every step of the way. 🎵

Oh no, a string broke! 

How to replace a String on your Monochord

It's a common worry for every new string instrument owner, but fear not—we've got you covered. 

Your Monolina comes with a few spare strings, and should you need more, we have them in stock at our California office. Just give us a shout. 

 To help you replace a broken string, we've prepared a handy video that guides you through each step. Our strings are pre-cut to the perfect length, so grab your tools and follow along with the video. 

 Feeling overwhelmed? No problem at all. Reach out to us, and we'd be happy to guide you through the process over the phone or via Zoom. You're not alone in this; we're here to help every step of the way. 🎵
Welcome to our Monochord family.

Want to do more ?

We offer IRL, online trainings and 1:1 Zoom coaching seasion and can assist you putting together your musical instrument sets. 
Just contact us if you are interested to learn more about application, playing techniques and how to integrate your monochord with your other instruments
We've been gathering for Monochord Monday since May of 2020
We offer IRL and Zoom online trainings and 1:1 coaching session.
Contact us for more information.
Strings, tuners , tuning keys are in stock in our California office and ready to go out when you need them.
Check out our Monochord Accessories.