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Mix and Match Kalimbas, Drums, Monochords and Chimes

We have curated a list of our instruments that will match the different Koshi Tunings in 432hz. Please click on the different product groups to listen to sound samples. To make mix and matching simpler we have arranged our Zenko Elemental Metal drums and Hokema Kalimba tunings by color:

Blue( Aqua or D-Minor), 

Green( Earth or C-Major), 

Gold ( Aria or A-minor) 

Red (Ignis or G-Mayor)

All instruments in the same color will work together and you can also combine Blue (Aqua) and Red ( Ignis) or Green (Terra) and Gold ( Aria)

Confused? you can always chat with us and we are happy to help you put together a set.

crystal singing bowls with Koshi and Zaphir chiimes. |weplaywelltogether

Skillful Ways to Utilize Hanging Koshi Chimes & Zaphir Chimes for Sound Baths, Sound Meditation & Sound Journeying

Koshi and Zaphir hanging hand chimes are made in France and have become absolute essentials for your sound therapy instrument collection whether you are offering sound baths, sound meditations, or are a sound healing practitioner working with clients .

Brandon Blake, a musician and teacher playing hokema kalimbas while holding Koshi chime. | weplaywelltogether

Looking for a Gift?

Know what makes the best gift for your favorite person? A custom matched-set of chimes and Kalimbas! These delightful hand-held instruments can be combined for masterful sound layering - utilized by professional musicians and sound practitioners as well as by non-musicians who are longing for the power to make their ow

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