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Our online and IRL Monochord Community

Ready to dive into the world of Monochords? 

 Here are some answers to your burning Monochord questions! A handy guide on helping you to chose your monochord so you can join Our Vibrant Monochord Community 🎵: In-Person & Online Meet-ups and Trainings available.


How To Chose a Monchord, We have an Answer for you!

First things First! 🎶 

Is the Monochord for Me? 

Who is the instrument for?
  • anyone who wants to relax  
  • sound and music therapists, sound bath and sound meditation practitioners 
  • composers and intuitive musical artists
Important things you need to know before you purchase: 
  • the monochords are stringed instruments which constantly need to be tuned  
  • they're not the best instruments for you if you want to keep long fingernails
  • for more tips watch the video

Should I get a Monolina or Monolini and what is the Difference?

Both of these models are popular portable monochords made by the feeltone Company for sound therapy, music therapy, sound meditation, sound baths and sound massage. 
What distinguishes the Monolini and Monolina are differences in:
  • Size 
  • Weight 
  • Number of Strings 
  • Bridge Melody Accent Notes

Monolina available in 5 different tunings
  • Monolina C - tuning C:  c, C, g 
  • Monolina A - tuning A:  a, A, e 
  • Monolina G - tuning G:  g, G, d 
  • Monolina F - tuning  F:  f, F, c 
  • Monolina D - tuning D: d, D, a
Each tuning has different in house designed strings made by our string manufacturer.

Now to the tough Question! 

How do I chose my monochord Tuning? (Help)

Joule L'Adara, our expert instructor, guides you through the five note choices for the Monolini and Monolina monochord models: C, A, G, F, and D. Each tuning features a root note, octave note, and 5th. 

The Monolina model includes five additional accent melody notes, which can be tuned to either a major or minor pentatonic scale. 
Joule demonstrates and explains the unique qualities and ideal uses for each tuning.

Feeling confused? 
Don't worry! The video explains everything in detail.


Use these recordings to play other instruments along, or sing with the recordings to see if the tuning matches your voice range. Enjoy exploring the perfect match for your needs!

Which feeltone Monochords combine best

Between the 5 note choices of C, A, G, F, D there are 10 possible combinations of two monochords played together. 
Because the feeltone monochords contain an octave and a fifth, there are multiple notes that combine when pairing two instruments together. 
There are 4 different monochord combinations that sound the most harmonious as these contain only 3 notes between them: A+D, D+G, F+C, C+G. (There are only 3 notes total as with these instruments one of the notes appears as the root in one and the 5th note on the other instrument.) The remaining 6 monochord combinations have 4 notes between them and are therefore a little more dissonant when played together.
  • Confused? Watch the video above to learn more

Not sure which instrument from our WePlayWellTogether family matches your needs and fits into the collection of instruments you already have? 
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