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How to Choose Your Zenko Drum Tuning

How to Choose Your Zenko Drum Tuning

Know what makes Zenko the "Porsche" of Tongue-Drums? 

Zenko Drum by Metal Sounds



Zenko Drums are extremely high quality metal tongue drums made by Metal Sounds in the South of France. They're an intuitive instrument consisting of two stainless steel shells welded together, with tones created by precision laser cuts into the metal that create "tongues" tuned to different pitches. The Zenko is played with hands or mallets which are included with each purchase. Its dome-shape is similar to a handpan - but Zenkos are much smaller and more lightweight. This makes the Zenko an ideal traveling companion as it comes with a perfectly fitted padded bag to keep your drum protected for easy transport. With a cross-body strap that has a special holding pocket for the mallets, the Zenko is easy to take to your next picnic!

Zenko Drum Soft Bag with Mallet Holder

Tongue drums have become immensely popular recently and there are now a large variety of different brands out there offering their own version of these portable and robust metal instruments. You can find inexpensive ones in music stores that are usually mass produced. So what makes Zenkos so special out of all the tongue drums that are out there? 

Zenko Drum by Metal Sounds

This has all to do with the quality of steel utilized to make Zenkos and the exquisite hand-craftsmanship of the Metal Sounds workshop which produces everything in-house. In comparing them to handpans (which have a similar sonic quality to gongs producing many splashing overtones), the mellifluous sounds of the Zenko are floating, pure, and uplifting bell-like tones. 

With meticulous pitch-perfect tuning, the Zenko Drum allows you to discover bewitching and meditative harmonics that will level-up your sound meditation and music therapy offerings for live sessions. It's a professional grade instrument that can also be mounted on a adapted cymbal stand (there's a bolt-hole on the bottom! and we have adapters) to add accents as part of your drum kit or percussion setup. 

Porsche 911

Basically, the Zenko is the "Porsche" (the beautiful European sports-car) of the tongue drum: sleek, elegant, and of the highest quality. In comparison, other mass-produced and sometimes colorful tongue drums on the market at lower price points can be great for parties, playing with kids, basic music instruction, getting all sandy at the beach or simple musical fun! 

f you're a professional musician or sound practitioner, however, your audience and clients will deeply benefit from the superior sound quality of the Zenko.
Best of all... Zenkos come in a wide variety of different tunings! Options range from a basic chromatic instrument, to well-known musical modes, to more obscure scales for the adventurous musician that you'll find only on the Zenko
We put together an informative short video giving you a quick "tour" of all the different tunings you can choose from for your Zenko. Here, acclaimed percussionist Conny Sommar plays musical melodies on each of the different Zenko Drum tunings that we've cut together in rapid succession so you can hear them all back to back. Interspersed are images of the making of ZenkoDrums from the Metal Sounds Workshop in Toulouse, France. 
Here's how to listen to this 4-and-a-half-minute video:
  • Click play and watch it through once to see the drum in action
  • Hit 'replay' and this time close your eyes. Feel into the different tunings with your feelings and body, and ask: "which one is matching me now?"

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