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What happens when Women Handpan in the Wild?

What happens when Women Handpan in the Wild?


We Play Well Together at Super Bloom:

🌸 Women's Handpan Gathering! 

Last May we were super stoked to attend the first ever US-based Women's Handpan Gathering which took place in the Catskills Mountains in New York: Super Bloom! We're super proud of the beautiful 9-minute highlight reel we created showing what a good time we had and all the friends we made. Super Bloom is for all people who identify as women (and if you don't, you're encouraged to watch the video and share in the joy of women gathering to learn, rejuvenate, and make music together.) We'll be attending again this year - giving away some super prizes as well as brining tons of We Play Well Together instruments for you to try out. 

What happens when Women Handpan together in the Wild? Watch the video below to find out! 

Super Bloom, women's handpan gathering logo. | weplaywelltogether

🌸 Super Bloom:

a WeeKend for SisteRs of SteeL

Hancock, NY: May 19th - 21st, 2023


Steeped in nature, with the handpan as our guide, we invite women-identifying handpan players, enthusiasts and like minded ladies looking to awaken, explore and expand their divine inner-compass, together for this gathering.

Owning a handpan is not necessary to attend
 & all skill levels are welcome!


🌸 Rest, Relax & Recharge 🌸

Integrating time for self-care while navigating the daily flow can be challenging enough! In honoring the need to slow down & gift time to better integrate self-care, we have curated a schedule that leaves room to reset: Sound Healing Soul-Crafts ● Cold Plunge in the Pond Commune with Sisters ● Open Mic & Fire Circle Jams ● Explore Ease & Relaxation Enjoy the Land ● workshops

+ Get to Try out We Play Well Together Instruments! 
(See Pics below :)



What's a Handpan?

The handpan belongs to the family of musical instruments, called Idiophones: a melodic percussion instrument made of hammered metal. Though there are hundreds of handpan manufacturers around the world today, each, as with all craftsmen, brings their personal touch to their instrument- and the pans we distribute are handcrafted by The Metal Sounds Company in France,  playfully called Spacedrums. What WPWT offers that's super special though, is that we have sets of instruments to help you match a handpan to your other instruments including our own kalimbas, monochords, and tongue-drums, plus other instruments you might own like crystal singing bowls. Reach out to us for a consult to help make a personalized recommendation for you! 


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