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WELLNESS PERCUSSION: Self-Care Summer School with "Teacher Brandon" FREE INTRO CLASS!

WELLNESS PERCUSSION: Self-Care Summer School with "Teacher Brandon" FREE INTRO CLASS!

Did you miss our live FREE INTRO Webinar?


Self-Care Summer School with "Teacher Brandon"

Just Wow. We were amazed and thrilled by Brandon's Free Intro to his Self-Care Summer School yesterday for a couple reasons: 

1) Brandon was absolutely fantastic and in top form leading the live group through a sequence of BODY PERCUSSION that anyone could do regardless of whether you have instruments or not. (And he also taught WPWT's Joule L'Adara how to play a drum groove on a Sansula :)

2) Everyone who joined the live Zoom STAYED ON THE ZOOM UNTIL THE END. This is unheard of! We expect for a free intro webinar that some folks will casually drop in and drop out. But no one did - people came and stayed (and the live chat was super engaged). We're so proud of this fabulous free content that will have you moving and tapping along, feeling better about yourself and the world for this one hour class. We highly encourage you to watch and participate along with the recording if you missed the live version (or watch again if you were there :) 

Our Brandon's WELLNESS PERCUSSION Self-Care Summer School is closed for this summmer, but contact us if you are interested in atteding the next Class with Brandon.

Q & A

Here are some Questions that came up during the webinar: 


Q: How can I access Brandon's Album?

A: "It's Bonus Time" by Brandon Blake on all Streaming Platforms! Find him on Spotify



Q: Where do I access Clubhouse?

A: CLUBHOUSE is a social media app: download from your app store to smart phone or tablet. The Sounding Circles House hosts the Kalimba Campfire live on Clubhouse every Wednesday at 8pm PT (11pm ET) Join the house:


Q: Which Sansulas are Joule and Brandon playing in this video?

A: Brandon is playing the Sansula Basic (with a black ring around it and a paper head) Joule is playing the Sansula Deluxe with a goat-skin head. (There's also the Renaissance with a synthetic head.) The default tuning is A-minor however you can order the Sansula in any of the Koshi-Chime tunings or have one custom tuned to match your instruments. Shop Sansulas Here


Q: Can you tell me about the platform for your Sansula? It is a black circular pedestal?

A: In this video Joule is using the fitted Sansula bag made by Hokema for the instrument: it's padded inside to carry the instrument safely and you can use it as a platform for the perfect "Wah-Wah" effect (which is the sound produced by the Sansula by opening and closing the back of the instrument against a solid surface). Brandon is using a mouse pad on top of a table for his Sansula.


LIVE CHAT FROM THE WEBINAR on June 25th, 2023:

That song was hot fire!

Where are you joining us from today?

Hello from California, near San Francisco

Hi from Greater Manchester, England

Hello from Berlin. :)

Hello from NJ 🧡

Hello from Colorado!

Greetings from SoCal, near San Diego!

joining from san Francisco

Aloha from Maui Hello from NY! 💜

Hello from Ottawa, Ontario!

Hi Linda from Raleigh Hello from Atlanta!

hello from northern germany

Hello from Orange County, California


From switzerland

Woo! Happy to be here from New York with gratitude for you!

Hey, from Toronto Canada Great setup Brandon

Hello from South Africa

Hey there, here from San Francisco!

Los Angeles

Hello from Galena Illinois

What's your favorite instrument?



koshi chimes


Hokema B9 Kalimba

love the monochords

zaphir chimes are beautiful

Gotta love some strings, cello maybe

Himalayan Sound Bowls


I enjoy listening to Kalimba

I love every instrument they each light me up!

Gongs, monolina,…bowls, but i have percussion instruments and want to learn how to play them.

I have a Sansula Deluxe not even take out of its bag yet.

I enjoy my handpan most

Hi everyone from Austin Texas! Great job Brandon!

Asking to pick a favourite instrument is like asking me to pick my favourite child! I love them all.

Frame drum, gong, chimes - a few of many that speak to me.

Thank you for loving animals!

Me too!! Same story my mom wouldn’t buy me a drum set lol Brandon!!!!!!! 💝

🥲 the elephant vision is AMAZING

Campfire is coming to life!

yes indeed so cool to see Brandon in action and see how all the different rhythms are created the wizard of sound and movement in action 👏😇💃🏽


wow yayayla! Hey Joule!

Am I the only Brit here?

Joule’s monochord training is EXCELLENT

I think I'm the only Canadian.

I am Irish living in New York

I’m in Alberta

very cool A minor

I have the A minor one; not the Saunsula which has the drum on. The quality and sound is incredible and so easy to pick up.


I literally just added the Sansula to my "Weplaywelltogether" cart.

Absolutely lovely

Brandon’s album is absolutely terrific

yes so true it is so fun to see how Brandon is creating the sounds we have been enjoying for years..

I just tried muting only one side then the other - interesting.

Still sounds epic!

This is everything.

I’m doing it now! 🤩

This is truly amazing!

I am so excited to attend the course soon

Super excited for the classes!!!!


hank you for this wonderful introduction today

We had so much fun! thanks Brandon!! Love ya!!


Looking forward to tongue drum….in the course…got a bargain floor model last night…Ionian….on the website Love this!

Can’t wait for the class.

Thanks Brandon!

Yay! Thanks sooo much this was fantastic Brandon and Joule!!

Love this!

Thank you Brandon and Joule!

I am looking forward to the next six-weeks! can the SF Bay Area folks connect for a play session at some point?

You are a special gift to this world, Brandon 🙏🏼 This was so amazing….

Thanks Brandon! Xoxo

I want a Sansula.

lets see if we can organize this a meetup with the SF area that would be fun

You won’t regret it if you buy one. T

hey give such a beautiful sound

Yes clubhouse and monochord monday have been a life line during the pandemic and beyond learned so much from all of you

Clubhouse has definitely been that type of social media… real family type connections!!!! 💝🎶🎉

we see you! thank you for the great welcome ☺️ Thank you teacher Brandon!

This time was so magical

All BonusTime with Teacher Bando is magical!!!! 🥰 🥳

Thank you Brandon great class!

Great job, Brandon!! ❤️ thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you! loved!

Blessings! thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again!! 🎶💓💗👏👏👏💐🎉 💝

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Hokema B5 Kalimba Elemental Soundscape Tuning-Terra/ Aqua

This Kalimba is pleasing to the eye because of the cut & quality of the cherry wood. The size is perfect for small hands such as mine. I particularly love the Terra Tuning & fell instantly in love with this Kalimba that reminds me of a music box when played.
I also received the Aqua B5 Hokema Kalimba which is equally as beautiful as the Terra.
The Aqua Kalimba completes my Aqua Elemental Soundscape bundle. I cannot say how much I have loved jamming with my set.
This B5 Kalimba may be small, but its sound output is excellent & the tone is perfect. The B5 Kalimba can also be paired with the matching Koshi Chime & easily played. I think that I prefer the size of the B5 Kalimba & would highly recommend it for sound & ease of play.
Thanks & best wishes to the WPWT team.

Aqua, Aria, Ignis, & Terra Koshi Chimes

All that I can say is that I love my Koshi Chimes. Each Elemental Chime is unique & complete in its own light tinkling playful sound & becomes even more beautiful in the complexity of two chimes paired together. I particularly enjoy the calming quality of Aqua & Aria. I also like the joyfulness & energy of Ignis & Terra as they are played together. I bought the Koshi Chimes because they were highly recommended for their durability & because they never go out of tune. I also like the earthiness of the color of bamboo. One day I might like to pair Koshi Chimes with a pop of color from matching Zaphir Chimes.
Now let me throw in the beauty of the B5 Hokema Kalimbas - Terra & Aqua as they are paired with their companion Koshi Chimes. I have small hands & can easily hold & play the B5 Kalimba as I am holding the chime of the same tone in the other hand. This is indeed as lovely as the Elemental Soundscape video.
I like to play the Koshi Chimes before I go to bed as it helps to empty my mind, offer relaxation & sounder sleep.
My thanks again to the WPWT team for providing yet another pleasant experience as I keep adding to my ever growing collection of musical instruments.

Monolina Travel Set
Aaliyah Bolden

The packages arrived in a timely manner and packaged with care. The instrument had the richest tone and a divine frequency, I look forward to using this for sound journeys.

Hokema B9 Kalimba Aria

I was pleased with customer service & by the work ethic that this company has. This is my first kalimba that I have ever owned. It is easy to make pretty little melodies & pairs well with the chime of the same key, but admittedly the kalimba sounds louder & sweeter when held & played so it works better when these instruments are played by 2 people. Overall I was pleased with my purchase.

Aria Air A Minor Koshi Chime

Customer service was yet again excellent. My question was answered promptly by email. Items were mailed promptly & in excellent condition upon arrival. I purchased my Aria Chime & was thrilled by its beauty & by how easy it was to learn to play. All I need to do is slightly move my arm to emit the best sound. Please do not sling your chimes from side to side as it will sound chaotic. There are instructional videos on Youtube that will teach you how to play your chimes correctly. I did purchase a companion Hokema Kalimba in the same key to play with the Koshi chime. The chimes & kalimba do sound beautiful when played together by 2 people. I personally feel that it would be better for me to play 2 Koshi chimes together as it is easier as my coordination is just so so so. I will be adding more Koshi chimes to my growing collection of musical instruments from WPWT. As always I am pleased with my purchase.


This case makes carrying my monalina so easy and I feel confident that she won’t get damaged.


Easy to set up and very sturdy

Tinka Tong (432 hz) 4 Tunings

The wait is over!!! I am now the proud owner of the Aqua (Blue), Aria (Gold), Terra (Green), & Ignis (Red) Tinka Tongs. I purchased the Aqua first just to test the water, & immediately fell in love with the instrument. I purchased the other 3 Tinka Tongs just as soon as they became available. It adds so much more to the experience to play multiple instruments at once. I line the Tinka Tongs vertically & mainly play 2 at a time. It is fun just to hit random notes & to be amazed at the unique sounds to be made. Every note played is indeed beautiful & harmonious.
The majors & minors do pair well together. The Aqua (D Minor) & the Terra (C Major) pair well together.
The Ignis (G Major) & Aria (A Minor) pair well together.
You are not limited to playing minors & majors together. Both the Terra (C Major) & Ignis (G Major) sound well together- so light & happy.
The instruments are well made & sound amazing.
This is a great company to do business with. Emails are promptly responded to. Orders are mailed via UPS within days. The instruments are exceptionally well packaged & arrive in perfect condition.
I look forward to adding the chimes to my collection in the future- Terra & the Ignis in a few months.
Thanks to the hard working team at WPWT.

Amazing tool for music therapy and sound healing

LOVE this instrument. A calming, soothing sound, played like the wind in a random way, allowing time for pause. This helps clients and participants in a sound bath feel the magic energy of sound.

Great music therapy and sound healing tool

As a music therapist, and doing sound healing work, I am loving this instrument. It sounds great alone as a way to begin and end a session as it allows people to really drop in. I use it with my Native American flutes as well. Affordable, durable, easy to play, great sounding, relaxing, helps you breathe more deeply.

Zenko Element (432hz) Elemental Waterscapes Collection *D Minor)

I first learned of this instrument through Kalani Das of World Drum Club during his Tuesday night video on Youtube & his special guest, Joule L'Adara of We Play Well Together as they were demonstrating the Water Elemental instruments in D Minor & making all of the instruments sound so beautiful. I have purchased a Diatonic C Major tongue drum that Mr. Das recommended in the past that I have been well pleased with so I was confident in the workmanship. I purchased both the Tinka Tong, my preferred instrument, & the Baby Turtle at the same time. The little Zenko tongue drum sounds exactly as it does in the videos on Youtube. The notes are crystal clear & bell like without the annoying reverb. I much prefer the sound of 432 hz as the sound is pleasing filling me with intense pleasure. The carrying case is well made. I really like this instrument paired with the Tinka Tong as it is like PB&J. My Mother ,who is a stroke victim, was able to place the Baby Turtle in her lap while reclining & play beautifully with me for nearly an hour the 1st time that we played together. Now I must give a shout out to Gabriele who promptly responded to my emails, texts, & phone call. Gabriele was courteous & extremely helpful. My shipment went out quickly & arrived via UPS earlier than expected in a well packaged box. I look forward to a long relationship with this company. The employees really worked hard to meet my needs & I am thankful.

Tinka Tong (Aqua) 432Hz - Elemental Soundscapes Water Collection D Minor

I first learned about this instrument through Kali Das of World Drum Club on his Tuesday night video on Youtube and his special guest, Joule L'Adara, of We Play Well Together as they were demonstrating the instruments of the Soundscapes Water Collection in D Minor. I have previously purchased a Diatonic C Major tongue drum that Mr. Das recommended. This drum was very much enjoyed so I was confident that this Tinka Tong was of excellent workmanship & it is. The videos on Youtube of Feeltone & We Play Together demonstrating these instruments are well worth watching as well as the instruments sound exactly as they do at my home. I purchased both, the Zenko Elemental Aqua (Baby Turtle) & The Tinka Tong in D Minor. Both sound great together; however, I prefer the Tinka Tong as it was love at first sight. The Tinka Tong is visually appealing & unique in sound. I like the new design & size of the instrument. While I have no formal music training, I was able to play well immediately. While there are only 6 tongues, there are a never ending amount of melodies & rhythms to be played. Best of all, there are no wrong notes. Warning: the use of this drum is highly addictive as a feeling of pleasure & calm will wash over you. I played with my Mother who is a stroke victim with Aphasia; however, she was able to follow my rhythm at times as she played the Zenko Element. Her musical ability was excellent as she plays the piano. We enjoyed playing for nearly an hour. Music is so beneficial as it yields a total brain workout. I also have to give a shout out to Gabriele (whom I have contacted via email, text, & phone) for her prompt response to my inquiries & for all of the assistance provided. I ordered my items after business hours on a Friday night. Instruments were mailed out the following Monday & arrived earlier than expected via UPS.


This chime (Ignis/red/g-major) makes absolutely captivating sounds, I really love it. I initially made the investment for a meditation workshop I was leading with college students— many of them said that the 7 or so minutes I spent moving around the room with the chime was the very best ("most magical") part of a very enjoyable weekend. I am excited to fine more ways to share it with others! My cats like it too :)
I love the We Play Well Together business model and ethos, and look forward to bringing them more business.

The lushness of sound

I am a musician. When I was 14 years old I started playing classical guitar. I’m 66 now. I have had a lifelong love of stringed instruments.
About three months ago my wife and I attended a sound bath. As we lay there meditating all the sounds of the evening washed over us and everything was peaceful and then I heard this richness of sound that sounded like a thousand strings moving and pulsing and I sat straight up and looked for the source. The woman who was holding the sound bath was playing a Monolina. I was enthralled by the sound. After the sound bath I went up and I snuck a look at the name and I saw that it said Feeltone
And now its now.
Although the Monolina is be good for sound healing and meditation it is also an instrument with 34 strings! With the use of bridges and alternate tunings I am able to group the strings in note ranges to further utilize its richness of sound. With 34 strings and 10 bridges the possibilities are endless.
As a musician i have seen many hand made instruments. I am very impressed by the ‘luthier’ skills of the people at Feeltone. The instrument is tight. No buzzes. And it looks beautiful. I am looking forward to many years of sound experimentation!
I would also like to the Gabrielle of WePlayWellTogether. She was very helpful. She answered all my many questions promptly and with a positive spirit.
Cool instrument. Nice lady!


I love my sansulas very much. This instrument has allowed me to explore music. The Deluxe has such great sound! This is a great company to work with!

Mallets for Monochords
Kathalin Walker
Great mallets

The felt mallets are wonderful for playing the Monolina. They are easy to hold and create a nice droning sound.

Sansula Repair program
michael jacobs

Very satisfied. The Sansula is as new (is it new?) in the box with paperwork and all. Sounds great!

I just love the tones from this li’l instrument…

…i had enjoyed the Sansula app on iPad for several years and finally got around to buying one. What took me so long!?!!? DOH!!
WPWT took excellent care of this customer, quickly fixing a holdiay rush shipping boo-boo.
I love the instrument as well as the vendor.

Tiny kalimba

I absolutely live my magical little instrument. It travels with me for elemental magic on demand

My favourite instrument in a sound bath

I am in love with my Monalina. I use it regularly and sing with it in sound baths. It is balm for the soul.

Love my sansula!

This is my second one. The first one gets so much use from my associate sound practitioners I had to get a second one. It’s a favorite of our clients and group meditation attendees!

Beautiful instrument

I have been using the Monolina in sound baths since December and have received so many compliments on it. People love the sound it produces!

Tinga Tonk water element

I am so grateful that I found this company. The customer service is superb. Every question is addressed and as a customer I have been completely supported and taken care of. This is the only place I will get my instruments from. They are all of the highest quality.
The Tinga Tonk is beautifully crafted and adds a lovely dimension to my sound healing sessions. My clients love it. I love it!

I like how you now sell the Zaphir Chimes in the colors that match the Koshis! I didn't know before now that the Koshi and Zaphir Chimes had similar matching pairs. It's fun to layer them together with the twinkly sounds.

The new Sansula Tunings are lovely

Love the new "Earth Tuning" C-Major Sansula Tuning! I didn't know they came in different tunings that match the monochords and other instruments you sell... or that I could create my own custom tuning!