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HOKEMA B5 Pocket Kalimba Elemental Soundscape Tuning

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Collection Color: Aria (A-minor)
Frequency: 432 hz

The video shows the B5 Aqua 432hz played with the Monolina D tuned to 432hz

 B5 Elemental Twinkle Soundscape Tuning 

  • Blue Aqua tuning matches D-minor : F A F D A
  • Yellow Aria tuning matches A-minor :  C E A A E
  • Red Ignis tuning matches G-Major :  G B G D B
  • Green Terra tuning matches C-Major: G C G E C

The B5 Kalimba is a "pocket kalimba" that is small enough to go anywhere with you and that offers high pitch frequencies that twinkle over the deeper sounds of the other instruments.

Hokema Kalimbas are made in Germany with American cherry wood blocks upon which are mounted little metal tines that are tuned to D-minor scales to match our D-Minor Elemental

  • Five stainless steel tines tuned to D-minor:F A F D A  and produces a bright, clear twinkle sound
  • This B5 is tuned to 432hz by default to match the Koshi, Zaphir and Zenko Elemental all in 432hz. 
  • If you like the sound but your D-minor instruments are tuned to 440hz you can chose the 440hz option
  • The sound of the instrument can be amplified by laying it on or sticking it onto a tabletop, drum or any other surface.
  • Solid American black cherry wood corpus
  • Measurements: 4 x 2.8 x 1.4 inch


    Customer Reviews

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    Dianna L Norwood
    Hokema B5 Kalimba Elemental Soundscape Tuning-Terra/ Aqua

    This Kalimba is pleasing to the eye because of the cut & quality of the cherry wood. The size is perfect for small hands such as mine. I particularly love the Terra Tuning & fell instantly in love with this Kalimba that reminds me of a music box when played.
    I also received the Aqua B5 Hokema Kalimba which is equally as beautiful as the Terra.
    The Aqua Kalimba completes my Aqua Elemental Soundscape bundle. I cannot say how much I have loved jamming with my set.
    This B5 Kalimba may be small, but its sound output is excellent & the tone is perfect. The B5 Kalimba can also be paired with the matching Koshi Chime & easily played. I think that I prefer the size of the B5 Kalimba & would highly recommend it for sound & ease of play.
    Thanks & best wishes to the WPWT team.

    All about Hokema

    Peter and Hugo Hokema | weplaywelltogether

    Hokema Kalimbas is now run by the second generation with Peter's son Hugo Hokema at the helm of this family-run business. Today, Hokema has 9 employees has become one of the world's leading manufacturer of beautiful and easy-to-play kalimbas in various models worldwide. 

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