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Welcome to the We Play Well Together Training page!
Here, you can explore our diverse selection of training options, available both in-person (IRL), online live, and on-demand. Explore our range of offerings, from Monochord trainings to personalized coaching sessions.

Unlock the Power of Mindfulness with Monochords

Two women playing feetone monochords | weplaywelltogether

Monochord Trainings in person and online

This hands-on intimate intensive workshop will give you the opportunity to play, experience, and learn more about the feeltone Monochords including the Monolini and Monolina body therapy monochords plus the larger Concert and Meditation Monochords.

Here are our upcoming trainings

Wellness Percussion training

Wellness Percussion Summer School flyer. | weplaywelltogether

On demand online training coming soon

We had a great Summer School 2023 with Brandon Blake.

View some of the complimentary segments from the training by clicking here.

Complete the contact form to stay informed about the release of our online training course and be among the first to know when it becomes available.

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Blog posts

  • Sansula On Stage with Jazz!
    May 14, 2024 Joule L'Adara

    Sansula On Stage with Jazz!

    World-renowned jazz violinist Gwen Laster adds a captivating touch to her live performances by incorporating the Sansula, an intuitive instrument from Hokema Kalimbas, sold by We Play Well Together.

    In a highlight video from her performance at the Beacon Bonfire Arts Festival, Gwen and her ensemble create mesmerizing interludes using the Sansula, adding a sense of space and expanded time to their set.

    The Sansula, a variation of the kalimba, is easy to play and introduces extra creativity to any musical act.

    Gwen's innovative use of this instrument, along with her poignant violin playing, showcases why she has performed with some of the world's most influential artists. Explore the various Sansulas and their accessories to enhance your own musical repertoire.

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  • Can you play a Sansula ON a Monochord??
    March 20, 2024 Joule L'Adara

    Can you play a Sansula ON a Monochord??

    We Play Well Together with Sansulas tuned to to work in harmony with all our feeltone Monochords, and they can be played together in surprising ways...  Sound Artist and We Play Well Together's Creative and Community Director Joule L'Adara recently made a cool new...

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Beautiful handmade intuitive musical instruments from our hands to yours.

We are the North American distributor for feeltone, Hokema Kalimba, Metal Sounds and Klangfarben.

Whether you are a professional musician, sound practitioner, psychotherapist, music therapist, massage therapist, or someone who wants to play music for self care, we are here to help you find your perfect musical companion instrument.


WEPLAYWELLTOGETHER is a California Certified,

Woman owned small business OSDS ref# 42378.