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Zaphir Chime Green (C-Major)

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Collection Color: Green (C-Major)

For our Soundscape set, we have modified the colors of our Zaphir chimes to correspond with our Elemental tuning scheme. This makes it simpler for you to coordinate and combine different pieces.

Zaphir Green: C-Major  -

matches or C-Major tuned instruments : Zenko elemental Terra, Monolina or Monolini in C, Koshi Terra, Sansulas or B9, B5 Kalimba in Terra tuning




Customer Reviews

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Christine Stevens
Amazing tool for music therapy and sound healing

LOVE this instrument. A calming, soothing sound, played like the wind in a random way, allowing time for pause. This helps clients and participants in a sound bath feel the magic energy of sound.

Christine Stevens
Great music therapy and sound healing tool

As a music therapist, and doing sound healing work, I am loving this instrument. It sounds great alone as a way to begin and end a session as it allows people to really drop in. I use it with my Native American flutes as well. Affordable, durable, easy to play, great sounding, relaxing, helps you breathe more deeply.


I like how you now sell the Zaphir Chimes in the colors that match the Koshis! I didn't know before now that the Koshi and Zaphir Chimes had similar matching pairs. It's fun to layer them together with the twinkly sounds.


High quality and excellent customer service.

Jill Weston
The Sufi Zaphir has a beautiful, ethereal sound quality

I enjoy playing the tones for myself and after group meditations. The chime arrived quickly and was well packaged.”