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News from the NAMM 2018 show

News from the NAMM 2018 show

Its all about Hand Drums Wood or Metal - News from the NAMM Show 2018

We have great drumming news:

  • Ingo Boehme from feeltone germany has created a new line of wooden hand Tongue drums. A 6 and 10 note Tinka Tong and a Double Sided Baba Tong
  • feeltone is the only producer of the XXL Tongue drum, large enough so you can sit or lay on the drum while it is placed
  • Metal Sounds is introducing two new Tunings for their Zenko Drum line
  • Metal Sounds Spacedrum are now available in a limited number here in the USA through feeltoneusa. contact me for more details

Here a little walk through our booth at the NAMM2018 show






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