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This chime (Ignis/red/g-major) makes absolutely captivating sounds, I really love it. I initially made the investment for a meditation workshop I was leading with college students— many of them said that the 7 or so minutes I spent moving around the room with the chime was the very best ("most magical") part of a very enjoyable weekend. I am excited to fine more ways to share it with others! My cats like it too :)
I love the We Play Well Together business model and ethos, and look forward to bringing them more business.

The lushness of sound

I am a musician. When I was 14 years old I started playing classical guitar. I’m 66 now. I have had a lifelong love of stringed instruments.
About three months ago my wife and I attended a sound bath. As we lay there meditating all the sounds of the evening washed over us and everything was peaceful and then I heard this richness of sound that sounded like a thousand strings moving and pulsing and I sat straight up and looked for the source. The woman who was holding the sound bath was playing a Monolina. I was enthralled by the sound. After the sound bath I went up and I snuck a look at the name and I saw that it said Feeltone
And now its now.
Although the Monolina is be good for sound healing and meditation it is also an instrument with 34 strings! With the use of bridges and alternate tunings I am able to group the strings in note ranges to further utilize its richness of sound. With 34 strings and 10 bridges the possibilities are endless.
As a musician i have seen many hand made instruments. I am very impressed by the ‘luthier’ skills of the people at Feeltone. The instrument is tight. No buzzes. And it looks beautiful. I am looking forward to many years of sound experimentation!
I would also like to the Gabrielle of WePlayWellTogether. She was very helpful. She answered all my many questions promptly and with a positive spirit.
Cool instrument. Nice lady!


I love my sansulas very much. This instrument has allowed me to explore music. The Deluxe has such great sound! This is a great company to work with!

Mallets for Monochords
Kathalin Walker
Great mallets

The felt mallets are wonderful for playing the Monolina. They are easy to hold and create a nice droning sound.

Sansula Repair program
michael jacobs

Very satisfied. The Sansula is as new (is it new?) in the box with paperwork and all. Sounds great!

I just love the tones from this li’l instrument…

…i had enjoyed the Sansula app on iPad for several years and finally got around to buying one. What took me so long!?!!? DOH!!
WPWT took excellent care of this customer, quickly fixing a holdiay rush shipping boo-boo.
I love the instrument as well as the vendor.

Tiny kalimba

I absolutely live my magical little instrument. It travels with me for elemental magic on demand

My favourite instrument in a sound bath

I am in love with my Monalina. I use it regularly and sing with it in sound baths. It is balm for the soul.

Love my sansula!

This is my second one. The first one gets so much use from my associate sound practitioners I had to get a second one. It’s a favorite of our clients and group meditation attendees!

Beautiful instrument

I have been using the Monolina in sound baths since December and have received so many compliments on it. People love the sound it produces!

Tinga Tonk water element

I am so grateful that I found this company. The customer service is superb. Every question is addressed and as a customer I have been completely supported and taken care of. This is the only place I will get my instruments from. They are all of the highest quality.
The Tinga Tonk is beautifully crafted and adds a lovely dimension to my sound healing sessions. My clients love it. I love it!

I like how you now sell the Zaphir Chimes in the colors that match the Koshis! I didn't know before now that the Koshi and Zaphir Chimes had similar matching pairs. It's fun to layer them together with the twinkly sounds.

The new Sansula Tunings are lovely

Love the new "Earth Tuning" C-Major Sansula Tuning! I didn't know they came in different tunings that match the monochords and other instruments you sell... or that I could create my own custom tuning!

The sweetest sound!

This little drum has the sweetest sound - like soft high bells that are so soothing. It draws me into the present moment whenever I play it and all other thoughts fade into the background.

Perfect Protection

Nicely made, perfect fit, great protection.

Love my little B9 Electric Hokema Kalimba

It’s a wonderful small Kalimba that has a beautiful big voice. I would definitely be interested in more of these discounted instruments. Thank you very much,

Sweet Vibrations

The very first instrument I bought when I began my Sound Healing practitioner journey was a Feeltone Monolini, then a Monochord in F and now some years on another Monochord in D and what fun, and profound resonance. You can not go wrong with a Feeltone instrument.

High quality and excellent customer service.

Ethereal, transcendent sounds. Great for all ages and abilities! (pt 2)

My review is limited and there's SO much to say, so here's part 2:

Another tip: there are two A notes (same octave) on tines 1 and 4. I tuned the 4th tine to G and it provides a lot more harmonic possibilities. The duplicated A's resonate to give a floating effect, which is lovely, but it limits chord progressions too much for me.

You'll probably want a little hammer and a tuning app for your phone. The tuning peg they sell is also worth it because it keeps you from damaging the instrument and hitting the wrong tine by accident.

I have the book and enjoy it but I think it's too advanced for most starting musicians, especially kids.

Get the case if you'll be taking it on the road a lot. Otherwise, save the box, which protects it well enough for taking it out on occasion. Otherwise, leave the thing out on a coffee table or someplace prominent so people are inclined to pick it up and experiment.

If you've read this far, do yourself a favor and buy a sansula!!

Ethereal, transcendent sounds. Great for all ages and abilities! (pt 1)

I've had (and loved) kalimbas before but this one is made to a higher standarad of craftsmanship and the drum head makes the notes much more resonant and sustaining. And the wah-wah effect will make heads turn!

The A-minor tuning with several duplicated notes means you can just pick it up and make pleasing sounds for yourself or someone else. I'm a kids' performer and I use it while the groups are entering to help get them quiet and calm before the show begins. I have them close their eyes and then walk around playing it. Then I ask them what the music makes them think of. "A forest!" "Being underwater" are common answers. One kid said "Powdered donuts," which is still my favorite answer.

This is the expensive model, with a natural goad skin drum head. It's more durable and all-natural, which I like. the lower priced sansulas have a synthetic head, which, apparently, is not as durable, but I think it'd be a good choice for a beginning musician/child. I just got my nieces the B9 kalimba. It's tuned the same as this but it's just a block of wood (no drum head) and I wanted it to be less fragile. It's also much cheaper.

One tip for making music: start with a rhythm and then play the rhythm using different notes on the kalimba. This will make it more like a "song" and less like "wind chimes." Nothing wrong with wind chimes, of course, but this thing will teach you the fundamentals of music if you let it and rhythm is really the foundation of traditional music.

Tuning Tool

Perfect for those who don’t wanna use that little hammer for your Kalimba, the sound doesn’t do so hot with my ears so I invested in this, I think I made a good choice ^^

I want one

I want one

Monchair - Monochord Singing Chair
Ms Patricia Jean Fleming
Try it - you will love it . . .

Unfortunately these wonderful creations are outside my budget but, today, I got to sit in one and I have to say it was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in a long time. Energy work is not for everyone, my friend with me had to stand up and move away from the vibrations.
Personally, I am a trained spiritual healer and also trained in Reiki. I am an intuitive and Medium. I have used drums for my own benefit and learned through the amazing Arthur Hull to be certified in Drum Circle Facilitation.
Music, in whichever form, is all about vibration. We benefit from 'good vibrations' as the Beach Boys shared with us soooooo many years ago.
These incredible seats hold you in an embrace of comfort and energy that had an incredibly uplifting and relaxing effect on me today. If it is in your budget then I would highly recommend these.

Amazing sound.

Great product, awesome customer service