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  • Bonus Time Music: Live-Looping of Our Instruments with Brandon Blake!
    April 22, 2021

    Bonus Time Music: Live-Looping of Our Instruments with Brandon Blake!

    Musician, Child Educator and Animal Rights Activist Brandon Blake of @bonustimemusic went live on Facebook during the NAMM 2021 virtual Show "Believe in Music" Week to demonstrate his unique way of working with the WE PLAY WELL TOGETHER family of instruments including: Hokema Kalimbas, Metal Sounds Tongue Drums, and feeltone Monochords & Tinka Tongs - combined with electric bass and live looping. We think you'll find this video truly inspirational and will hopefully give you ideas of how you can utilize your instrument in intriguing combinations. 

    Brandon is truly an innovative musician - having created a specialized playing technique with the Hokema Kalimba Sansula in which he taps and strikes the drumhead of the instrument while plucking and muting the metal tines. Plus - he's figured out a brilliant method to instantly retune the instrument in the middle of his playing - using tiny weighted magnets!

    Brandon is also a bass player who skillfully incorporates live looping. Watch him create incredible soundscapes in real time by looping Kalimba, Tongue-Drum and Monochord accompanied by some satisfying bass-bombs to build a body-moving groove overlaid with rich sonic textures and thrilling overtones. 

    Watch the Video Demonstration.... 

    Live Looping with Brandon Blake

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  • How do you MAKE a handpan??
    March 15, 2021

    How do you MAKE a handpan??

    How DO you make a handpan?

    We got to go behind the scenes with our friends at Metal Sounds the South of France to find out!

    ...turns out the answer is a LOT of care, craftsmanship, heaps of hammering, laser-cutting, patience, and good ears (along with high-precision tuners!)

    We put together this video showcase for Metal Sounds and can't wait to share it with you...

    Metal Sounds:

    A Showcase of Passion, integrity & quality!

    In this video you will get to:


    -GO behind the curtain at the Metal Sounds workshop in the South of France to see how they build the Spacedrum handpans and Zenko tongue drums 
    METAL Sounds

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  • Spacedrum: Nitro vs. Evolution (+Handpan Recording Techniques!)
    February 18, 2021

    Spacedrum: Nitro vs. Evolution (+Handpan Recording Techniques!)

    "This particular handpan by Metal Sounds is one of the most beautiful that I've personally played before!" - Todd Boston, January 2021

    In this 7-minute video, acclaimed Producer and Composer Todd Boston talks about the the differences between the Metal Sounds Spacedrum Nitro and Spacedrum Evolution - offering his impressions on what makes each model possess a unique sound quality.
    Todd Boston - Handpan Recording Techniques

    Want to know how to record a handpan?

    Towards the end of the video, Todd offers tips on how to best mic the sound of handspans using the mid side mic technique. If you like to geek out on technology or are an audio engineer, read on...


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  • Instagram Challenge - Amazing Free Instrument Giveaways!
    February 5, 2021

    Instagram Challenge - Amazing Free Instrument Giveaways!

    As Part of the NAMM 2021 "Believe in Music" Virtual Show, We Play Well Together is running a contest that goes until the end of February when we'll be GIVING AWAY some amazing products including some of our best-selling instruments! 
    To enter the contest you must: 
    1) Follow @weplaywelltogether on Instagram
    2) Create a Story, Post, or Reel (can be text, photo, and/or video content) where you share which product giveaway you'd like to receive and what's great about it. You MUST tag @weplaywelltogether in your post!
    You can enter multiple times for more than one item. Extra points will be given if you tag others in your post and encourage friends or followers to post as well!
    We'll be announcing the winners live on IG on March 1st at 4pm Pacific Time.
    Winners will also receive Direct Messages on Instagram when we'll ask for your mailing address to ship you the products. You must respond within 2 week's time in order to claim your prize. 
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  • We Play Well Together at the NAMM Show 2021
    January 22, 2021

    We Play Well Together at the NAMM Show 2021

    We Play Well Together is proud to have been presented in a virtual booth at the NAMM Show 2021 "Believe in Music" Week in January! 
    We've been attending NAMM in Los Angeles every year for the past few conferences. Due to the ongoing pandemic, The 2021 NAMM Show was all online. Our team got to work building a virtual exhibitor booth and we put together a ton of great video content highlighting our instrument makers and latest products! We'll be highlighting these videos in blog posts and newsletters to our We Play Well Together community in the weeks and months ahead. 

    Be SURE to check out our 15-minute Instrument Maker highlight reel above -produced just for our NAMM 2021 virtual booth featuring the Metal Sounds Company, Hokema Kalimbas and feeltone

    It features portrait videos for all three European instrument makers and gives you a little bit of behind-the-scenes delight at their workshops. You'll also see an interview with the company founders that was conducted by VisionQuest Sound the last time we were able to attend the NAMM Show in person (in January of 2020.)
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  • Stillpoint for the Solstice: A Free online Event featuring We Play Well Together Instruments
    December 18, 2020

    Stillpoint for the Solstice: A Free online Event featuring We Play Well Together Instruments

    Stillpoint for the Solstice: A Gathering for Sound, Movement & Meditation

    Facilitad by: Joule L'Adara & Monique Schubert
    With Special Guest Appearences By: Treya Lam & Junauda Petrus-Nasah
    We invite you to join us in community as we pause to go deep, deep within: journeying to the stillpoint at our center. This is the resting place of the soul.
    You'll be guided through a series of participatory invitations utilizing movement, voice, breath, and deep listening. These will include: gentle yoga poses, guided breathwork, vocal sounding, and listening to live performances of inspired poetry, song, and therapeutic sound instruments.


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  • We want to share about YOU
    December 6, 2020

    We want to share about YOU

    It doesn't matter to us if you've only 3 followers or are a major social  influencer... At We Play Well Together, we're all about the potency of musical micro-moments. Recently, we started using our social media accounts to feature members of our community and have received lots of great feedback. So this is our call-in: share with us your content so we can celebrate you! If you're creating sounds with feeltone, Hokema, Metal Sounds, Zenko Drums, Koshi or Zaphir Chimes, we can play well and grow together. When you post content featuring instruments we distribute (whether you purchased them through us or not) let us know in the following ways: 
    Tag @weplaywelltogether on Instragram - we'll DM to ask your permission to reshare, then we'll post, tag you back + copy your text using the "repost" app. 
    Tag @weplaywelltogether on Facebook - we'll reach out using Messenger to ask your permission to reshare, then we'll post +tag you back with a shout-out.
    Email us links to your YouTube videos. We'll add you to one of the playlists for "instruments in action" on our We Play Well Together YouTube channel.

    Here are some accounts we featured recently: 

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  • Join Multi-Instrumentalist Todd Boston Tuesdays and Wednesdays live online!
    October 20, 2020

    Join Multi-Instrumentalist Todd Boston Tuesdays and Wednesdays live online!

    The Quiet Mind


    Feel Connected - Reduce Stress - Be Inspired
    Featuring instruments distributed by
    We Play Well Together



    Our relationship with vibration, sound, and music is intrinsically connected to who we are as humans. Join award-winning musician Todd Boston in a weekly experiential class on the power of sound, music and meditation. We will be joined by special guests.
    Learn practical tools to deepen your connection and relationship to sound as a tool for transformation, healing, and growth. Explore how music and meditation can expand your abilities of deep listening, intuition, and how to integrate it into your healing practice and day to day life... 
    By tuning our voices, instruments, and hearts we can go deeper into the subtleties of listening. This state of focus and deeper listening can open us to hear our intuition and inner voice in more clear and profound ways. Bring your voice, percussion, and/or instrument.


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  • Skillful Ways to Utilize Hanging Koshi Chimes & Zaphir Chimes for Sound Baths, Sound Meditation & Sound Journeying
    September 18, 2020

    Skillful Ways to Utilize Hanging Koshi Chimes & Zaphir Chimes for Sound Baths, Sound Meditation & Sound Journeying

    By: Joule L'Adara, MFA, Feeltone Trainer & Sound Facilitator

    Koshi and Zaphir hand chimes are both made in France and have become absolute essentials for your sound therapy instrument collection whether you are offering sound baths, sound meditations, or are a sound healing practitioner working with clients one-on-one. These beautiful instruments are so easy to play: all you have to do is pick them up and move them around to activate the gorgeous combination of tones created by the glass bead ringing against metal tines of different lengths, producing etherial chords of music. However, simply playing them does not mean you are necessarily creating a therapeutic or meditative experience...
    It’s important to remember that all sounds will be received differently by different individuals hearing them: depending on what they’re feeling or experiencing in the moment and what they’re needing to receive. Thus, there is no “one size fits all” sound offering. However, how you play certain sounds will create different invitations and bring about different possible inner reflections in your listeners.

    Here are a few simple guidelines and best practices to remember when playing for receivers who have been induced to relaxation and deeper listening...

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