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Minna Sivola's Training and Mentoring for Sound Healers

Minna Sivola's Training and Mentoring for Sound Healers


Minna Sivola is a certified sound practitioner, teacher and owner of Harmoniaalto – inspired by Finnish words meaning a wave to harmony. 

"Sound is a wave that carries us back to a sense of harmony. It’s a place where the heart and the brain unite and work together, where everything is released and you feel inner peace: a place beyond stress, anxiety and even pain."

Minna worked for 17 years at the Nokia Corporation as a Senior Sourcing Manager dealing with timezone differences, multitasking, demanding deadlines and ever changing requirements. She became very familiar with sleeping disorders, high blood pressure and difficulty focusing. When he coworkers started to take long sick leaves while suffering from burnout, she decided it was time to look for options to prevent that from happening to her. 

Over the years she studied various forms of meditation, yoga, and other somatic practices, eventually introduced to the use of sound vibration as a vehicle for wellbeing and balance. This discovery triggered profound and valuable insights on ways to assist people to become more present and to foster relaxation in the body and the mind by implementing sound centering tools.

Built on her direct experience and studies on the effective and affective quality of sound in wellbeing, Minna created her sound healing offerings including private sessions, sound baths and classes on how to set up a sound healing practice which she teaches in San Rafael, California around the San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout  the USA and in Europe.

Minna Sound Healing Practice

Her upcoming Training and Mentoring for Sound Healing Practitioners is offered online and starts February 28th. You can watch her 40-minute free intro video at this link on her website: Harmoniaalto

Minna YouTube

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