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HOKEMA SANSULA Aqua (D-minor) tuning - Blue

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$132.00 - $262.00
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Collection Color: Aqua (D-minor)
Frequency: 432 hz
Style: Sansula Basic

Hokema Sansula with 9 tines, tuned in D-minor to match our 432HZ Aqua Soundscape and will work with the Zenko Elemental Aqua, Koshi Aqua, B5,B9  in Aqua tuning and a Monolini or Monolina in D

What is the difference between the Sansula models?

  • Sansula Basic - delicate skin, that can break, an instrument for grown ups.
  • Sansula Renaissance - durable ( unbreakable) Remo drum skin moisture resistant the allrounder for grown ups and children.
  • Sansula Deluxe - natural hide goat skin, durable but skin will react to moisture. With tension screws on the back of the instrument for grown ups and children.

The default tuning is 432hz for the Sansula to match our Elemental Set  Zaphir+Koshi, Zenko Elemental or Tinka Tongs.  If you like the tuning but have 440hz instruments, you can chose 440hz.

Tuning for all models L>R: G C D A A F E D A 

If you like to return your Sansula yourself here is the tuning Diagram

This video shows the Sansula Basic model in Aqua D-minor tuning 432hz played with the Monolina D tuned to 432hz

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I love my sansulas very much. This instrument has allowed me to explore music. The Deluxe has such great sound! This is a great company to work with!

John Morrison
I just love the tones from this li’l instrument…

…i had enjoyed the Sansula app on iPad for several years and finally got around to buying one. What took me so long!?!!? DOH!!
WPWT took excellent care of this customer, quickly fixing a holdiay rush shipping boo-boo.
I love the instrument as well as the vendor.

Lana Ryder
Love my sansula!

This is my second one. The first one gets so much use from my associate sound practitioners I had to get a second one. It’s a favorite of our clients and group meditation attendees!

The new Sansula Tunings are lovely

Love the new "Earth Tuning" C-Major Sansula Tuning! I didn't know they came in different tunings that match the monochords and other instruments you sell... or that I could create my own custom tuning!

Barry Grueter
Love my little B9 Electric Hokema Kalimba

It’s a wonderful small Kalimba that has a beautiful big voice. I would definitely be interested in more of these discounted instruments. Thank you very much,