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Play Well (in D-minor) with your best friends

Play Well (in D-minor) with your best friends


Play Well Together with your Bestie

Holistic Sound Artists Fountainetta Coleman and Marlee-I Mystic share their infectious joy by playing well together in this D-minor soundscape jam. Foun and Marlee-I have been longtime collaborators and their beautiful friendship and trust of one another musically comes through this video so gorgeously. Skilled in both the healing and musical arts, their innovation and creativity comes through every time they play with our instruments - especially with their ability to create percussive grooves.  We captured this video when we visited with them in January of 2023, and are excited to be sharing more videos of this duo playing together in the coming months. 
Learn more about these playful and powerful and sound artists:
Marlee-I Mystic   Fountainetta Coleman

Marlee-I Mystic & Fountainetta Coleman

Featured here are vocals and rhythms supported by instruments from our D-minor WATER COLLECTION from our Elemental Soundscapes instrument family - instruments that are made to match each other so that you may easily play together with your best friends, family, clients, or including:

Monolina Monochord in D by feeltone:

Tinka Tong Aqua Wood Tongue drum by feeltone:

Sansula Aqua by Hokema Kalimbas:

Zenko Element Aqua Metal Tongue Drum by Metal Sounds:

Spacedrum Evolution in Atlantic'o tuning by Metal Sounds:

This video features instruments tuned to 440 hz (which match the handpans that are typically tuned to 440 hz.) Many of our instruments can be purchased in 432 hz or 440 hz - check the instrument for options and email us if you don't see what you want in stock.

Shop our Water Collection: 

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