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Elemental Soundscapes: WATER COLLECTION

Elemental Soundscapes: WATER COLLECTION




Centering feeltone Monochords and featuring intuitively played instruments in by all our artisan instrument builders, ELEMENTAL SOUNDSCAPES are collections of our instruments that are made to match each other with elemental-themed tuning in different musical chords.
These precisely tuned sonic tools allow you to create mesmerizing soundscapes by layering tones while freeing up your creativity to play intuitively as there are "no wrong notes" in each elemental collection. (This concept also allows you to build on the instrument collections you already have by easily matching our instruments to yours.) 
In this video, we introduce you to the extended WATER COLLECTION (instruments tuned to D-minor) and invite you to listen in and hear how all the other instruments sound playing over the dreamy drones of the feeltone Monochord in D. (Note: this recording has instruments tuned to 432 hz. to match the Koshi Chimes. However, most of our instruments can be tuned to 440 Hz or 432 hz to match your instrument collection and all our monochords can easily be tuned to your preferred tuning. 
feeltone Instruments: Monolina, Monolini & Tinka Tong in D-minor "Water" tuning


At the center are our Monochords: the Monolina and Monolini models gorgeously handcrafted by the feeltone Company in Germany. Monochords are stringed dronal instruments that play a monochrome meditative chord whose  shimmering harmonics cascade like light reflected on the water. The feeltone Monochords tuned to D are are the lowest tuning in the product line, guiding the listener to explore the depths of their emotions whilst traveling upon its soothing low sound waves.

The Monochord is the deepest sound layer as all of the other Elemental Soundscape instruments are carried upon it to harmonize intricately with an array of different timbres from the different instruments' elemental components of wood and metal - handcrafted into exquisitely by artisan European instrument builders. 

TINKA TONG AQUA: Wood Tongue Drum by feeltone

         TINKA TONG AQUA from feeltone

The feeltone Company also produces wood tongue-drums and this season we introduce the brand new Tinka Tong Aqua that matches the Water Elemental Soundscape Collection. The Tinka Tong creates short, light percussive tones that are earthy, warm, and grounding. Depending on how it's played it can sometimes sound whimsical and cheerful (even when playing in a minor key) or activating and energizing. Tinka Tongs are wonderful for playing towards the beginning or ending of sound journeys to connect, ground, and activate the physical body. 
Zenko Element: AQUA

 ZENKO ELEMENT Aqua from Metal Sounds

From the Metal Sounds Company in France we have another kind of tongue drum made of metal, the Zenko Drum. Also known as a tank drum, we lovingly nick-named these instruments the "baby turtles" for their sweet small appearance and effervescent bell-like sound. One-half the size of the full Zenko drum, each Zenko Element has holes in the center that allow the sound to ring out and tiny feet on the bottom to hold itself up, in addition to a colorful rubber ring around the rim to identify its elemental tuning. All our tongue drums - be they wood or metal - can be played with mallets or just the fingers. 
Water Collection Kalimbas and Sansulas in D-Minor by Hokema Kalimbas

 KALIMBAS & SANSULAS from Hokema Kalimbas

Hokema Kalimbas are made in Germany with American cherry wood blocks upon which are mounted little metal tines that are tuned to D-minor scales to match our D-Minor Elemental Soundscape Water Collection. The tiny B5 Kalimba is a "pocket kalimba" that is small enough to go anywhere with you and that offers high pitch frequencies that twinkle over the deeper sounds of the other instruments. The B9 Kalimba is a slightly larger and deeper-sounding 9-note kalimba which is quiet, round, and soft. The Sansula has the tines of the B9 Kalimba mounted on a drum head which amplifies the instrument to a louder volume and allows one to play a "Wah-Wah" effect by moving the instrument up and down. The Sansula comes in 3 varieties so that you can choose if you'd prefer a drum-head made of delicate sounding paper (Sansula Basic), a more robust synthetic head (Sansula Renaissance), or a unique goat skin (Sansula Deluxe). 

  Koshi Aqua & Zaphir Blue Wind Chimes


Finally, we come to our wind chimes starting with the Koshi Aqua. The Koshi Chimes are made in France and are the original Inspiration for these beautiful elemental sets. Koshis have become a beloved sound bath essential instrument - whether you hold them in your hand, dangle them from a stand, or hang them outdoors for the wind to play. Koshi's close cousin are the Zaphir Chimes also made in France. Zaphirs come in a variety of colors so we've chosen this royal blue to be our D-minor chime. While Koshi and Zaphir Chimes are similar in construction - with a dangling bead that taps tones into metal dowels guided by a wooden "sail" on the string from which the bead hangs - the Zaphir Blue has an alternate tuning as one Ab note brings just a slight sweet dissonance to the chord. It's fun to play with both the Koshi and its matching Zaphir in our elemental sets as you can hold one in each hand and create stereo effects where you hear slightly different tones in each ear. 


 Be sure to check out our video above where you can listen to all the different sound options available combining these intuitive instruments in different ways!  Then shop the D-Minor ELEMENTAL SOUNDSCAPE WATER COLLECTION below:

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