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Breathtaking Videos of the Monolina on Expedition in Jordan

Breathtaking Videos of the Monolina on Expedition in Jordan

Alessandro Pierini Playing Monolina in the desert of Jordan

Friend of WE PLAY WELL TOGETHER and artist partner Alessandro Pierini traveled this year to the Middle East this year with our Monolina to shoot stunning cinematic desert landscape videos for the feeltone company to showcase on YouTube. You can learn more about Alessandro Pierini on his website and follow him on Instagram

To create the perfect and accompanying soundtrack for an expedition to Jordan, Ale tuned the bridges of his Monolina G to an Arabic musical scale - with the sound professionally recorded and mixed in a studio in order to showcase the intricate sounds of the monochord. 

Did you know the Monolina bridges may be tuned to any 5-note scale in key of your Monochord? 

Watch and listen and be inspired for the mystical Monolina to take you where you need to go!

"Breathe Me"

In this first video, Alessandro Pierini plays his composition "Breathe Me"  on the feeltone Monolina Monochord, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the "Sacred Valley" in Jordan: where the ancient echoes of Arabic melodies harmonize with the serene beauty of the rocky ledges and wide vistas. 

Alessandro used climbing equipment to reach the top of this incredible rock formation (with a Monolina G strapped to his back!) and the video was shot from a drone piloted hundreds of feet in the sands below. Ale said it was an absolutely incredible and indescribable experience to be high in the air above the desert playing the Monolina. 

"Sands of Serenity"

In this second video, Ale is on a majestic sand dune, nestled at the border of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as he weaves intricate melodies with the gorgeous tones of the Monolina. Like all the videos in this series, the camera view alternates between closeups of the instrument and wide shots capturing the richness and vivid saturation of the orange sands. There is so much depth to drink in here with the eyes and ears. 



"Healing Vortex"

In the third and final video of this expedition series, Ale creates relaxing meditation music in "Star Wars" Valley - the iconic location of the beloved film trilogy. 

Ingo Boehme - creator of feeltone Instruments said upon seeing Ale's film:

"I can hear the lonesomeness, the connection to the earth, the silence and the trance represented in the echoing of the sounds." 


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