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KoTaMo Concert Monochord - Tanpura, Koto and Monochord

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The KoTaMo Concert Monochord is a three in one instrument that combines a monochord with a koto and a tanpura. The monochord is on one side and the tanpura and koto share the other.

Strings and Tuning:

The monochord has 28 overtone strings (C) and 2 bass strings (C)
The koto has 12 strings (C)
The tanpura has 4 strings (C, c, c, G).

Dimensions: 53 x 12 x 4 inches (approx)

Materials: Cherry wood and ash, handmade in germany

Includes: Tuner, tuning instrument, some replacement strings, and wood stand. 

Training:  Free 30 minute online training included

Strum on the strings close to the bridge of the monochord to create sounds rich in over-tones. Strum in the middle and the sound is more even. At first, it seems like you’re hearing only one tone, but as your mind relaxes you can notice a full variety of tones and overtones that weave a wistful and subtle melody. It creates a sound experience much like that of a gong. 


Videos and Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual: view

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