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KoTaMo Concert Monochord - Tanpura, Koto and Monochord


The KoTaMo Concert Monochord is a three in one instrument that combines a monochord with a koto and a tanpura. The monochord is on one side and the tanpura and koto share the other.

Strings and Tuning:

The monochord has 28 overtone strings (C) and 2 bass strings (C)
The koto has 12 strings (C)
The tanpura has 4 strings (C, c, c, G).

Dimensions: 53 x 12 x 4 inches (approx)

Materials: Cherry wood and ash, handmade in germany

Includes: Tuner, tuning instrument, some replacement strings, and wood stand. 

Training:  Free 30 minute online training included

Strum on the strings close to the bridge of the monochord to create sounds rich in over-tones. Strum in the middle and the sound is more even. At first, it seems like you’re hearing only one tone, but as your mind relaxes you can notice a full variety of tones and overtones that weave a wistful and subtle melody. It creates a sound experience much like that of a gong. 


Videos and Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual: view


Ask a Question
  • Is it possible to order the KoTaMo with the tuning of the koto already set to pentatonic?

    We have to remove the Koto bridges for transport  otherwise the strings could be damaged when pressure is applied to the box.
    But we do include a Bridge template.
    The Template does show you where to place the bridges to achive different tunings.
    Included with your purchase is a free 30 min online training where we can walk you throught the steps.

  • Where on your site can I purchase replacement strings for the tambura, koto and monochord (overtones) areas of my Kotamo? Or where can I buy them on-line? Thanks!

    Just email and let me know which one you need and we can email you invoice & sent strings.

  • Hello I have a double sided meditation monochord. I live in Canada and would like to know if I can get tan outa strings added to one side of my monochord? I would love to trade it in for a monochord with the tan pita strings but as that is probably not possible. Is it possible to have tamboura strings added? I do have a Feeltone monochord now...are these instruments sold anywhere in Canada?

    We are taking care of our Canadian customer from our US office in California. You can restring  4 of the strings on your MO60O Mediation monochord with the Tanpura strings but would not have the tanpura snare bridge. The Mediation monochord, the KoTaMo Monochord and the Tanpura-Mediation monochord all have the same body length so you can switch strings between them and create your prefered tuning. We can walk you through the process of restringing and also have a video about it.

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