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A Personal Tour of of the Elemental Soundscapes WATER Collection

A Personal Tour of of the Elemental Soundscapes WATER Collection

Joule L'Adara with the Elemental Soundscapes Water Collection

Sound Artist Joule L'Adara also has served as Creative and Community Director of WE PLAY WELL TOGETHER since 2020. In this video series, Joule offers details and insight about our Elemental Soundscapes Collection: a group of intuitively played musical instruments from all our artisan instrument builders that are made to match each other and inspired by the natural elements.

In this first 10-minute video, Joule leads you through a tour of the instruments in the WATER Collection: instruments that all have notes in a D-minor scale, that layer beautifully together with their different timbres and textures. Joule plays each one at a time while sharing how they might be used in a sound meditation, therapy, or art context. 


 Demonstrated in this video:

Monolina D: Monochord by feeltone

Tinka Tong Aqua: Wood Tongue Drum by feeltone

B5, B9, and Sansula in D-minor: Kalimbas by Hokema Kalimbas

Zenko Element Aqua: Metal Tongue Drum by Metal Sounds Instruments

Koshi Aqua and Zaphir Blue: Hanging Chimes by Koshi and Zaphir Chimes

+Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl (to show how you can play bowls together with our instruments!)

Elemental SOundscapes Water Collection

In this second short 4-minute video, Joule offers a demonstration with sound only.  She shows you ways a solo sound artist or sound practitioner may play the instruments within the WATER Collection together: layering the sounds of the different instruments on top of the Monolina D (and even showing how you can add a bit of voice at the end.)


In this final 8-minute video, Joule offers an overview of the Elemental Soundscapes concept - which applies to all the elemental tunings in this series. This is a thorough explanation of our intuitive instrument collections:

  • who these instruments are for

  • what these instruments may be used for

  • clarifying information about tuning and keys 

 Shop our Elemental Soundscapes Water Collection:

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