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How do you MAKE a handpan??

How do you MAKE a handpan??

How DO you make a handpan?

We got to go behind the scenes with our friends at Metal Sounds the South of France to find out!

...turns out the answer is a LOT of care, craftsmanship, heaps of hammering, laser-cutting, patience, and good ears (along with high-precision tuners!)

We put together this video showcase for Metal Sounds and can't wait to share it with you...

Metal Sounds:

A Showcase of Passion, integrity & quality!

In this video you will get to:


-GO behind the curtain at the Metal Sounds workshop in the South of France to see how they build the Spacedrum handpans and Zenko tongue drums 
METAL Sounds
-EXPERIENCE Metal Sounds in action with incredible recording artists  like Canada's quirky and eclectic band Walk off the Earth
-BE IMMERSED in passionate musical compositions that combine the unique sound of Spacedrum hanpans with classical music ensembles
Metal Sounds Spacedrum
-GET MEGA INSPIRED by all the ways sound artists and musicians incorporate Metal Sounds into their creative work and artistic offerings 

This vid's around 30-minutes long, so you can scrub through to view different portions you're curious about - OR immerse yourself in the long-play which unfolds like a concert (with cut-aways to Metal Sounds workshop footage!) 

Longing for a handpan? There are MANY different tunings available from Metal Sounds! Go to our site now where you can play videos to play them so you can add a Spacedrum to your "musical instrument wish list" (aw, we KNOW you have one! ;) 


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