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Zenko Equinox Steel Tongue Drum

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The Zenko is a stainless-steel tongue drum (also called a “tank” drum or “hank”) designed and created by Metal Sounds in France. The drum can be played by both beginners and experienced musicians alike. The Equinox has a B minor original scale. A G3 in the center gives a deep bass that can be used as a pivot. This scale includes a major mode in the key of C (with a 3rd in E). Its versatility makes it suitable for creative compositions and/or jam sessions.

Tuning:  9 notes: G3 B C4 D E F# G B D5


Weight: 6.17 lbs.
Diameter: 12.6 inches
Height: 5.12 inches

Materials: Stainless steel, Hand finished and hand tuned


Deluxe bag
Support ring
A pair of Mallets

Sound Sample
The Zenko Equinox spreads sound in smooth, soft waves. Its high harmonics content is the result of perfect tuning that remains stable over the years. It produces different sounds depending on whether you play by hand or use the sticks.
Extras: Want to play the Zenko standing up? We have a specially designed stand that is both collapsible and adjustable - an essential accessory for your Zenko.

Would you like to learn how to play the Zenko drum 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dianna L Norwood
Zenko Element (432hz) Elemental Waterscapes Collection *D Minor)

I first learned of this instrument through Kalani Das of World Drum Club during his Tuesday night video on Youtube & his special guest, Joule L'Adara of We Play Well Together as they were demonstrating the Water Elemental instruments in D Minor & making all of the instruments sound so beautiful. I have purchased a Diatonic C Major tongue drum that Mr. Das recommended in the past that I have been well pleased with so I was confident in the workmanship. I purchased both the Tinka Tong, my preferred instrument, & the Baby Turtle at the same time. The little Zenko tongue drum sounds exactly as it does in the videos on Youtube. The notes are crystal clear & bell like without the annoying reverb. I much prefer the sound of 432 hz as the sound is pleasing filling me with intense pleasure. The carrying case is well made. I really like this instrument paired with the Tinka Tong as it is like PB&J. My Mother ,who is a stroke victim, was able to place the Baby Turtle in her lap while reclining & play beautifully with me for nearly an hour the 1st time that we played together. Now I must give a shout out to Gabriele who promptly responded to my emails, texts, & phone call. Gabriele was courteous & extremely helpful. My shipment went out quickly & arrived via UPS earlier than expected in a well packaged box. I look forward to a long relationship with this company. The employees really worked hard to meet my needs & I am thankful.

The sweetest sound!

This little drum has the sweetest sound - like soft high bells that are so soothing. It draws me into the present moment whenever I play it and all other thoughts fade into the background.

Shannon Ruiz
Love my Zenko baby water turtle drum

My second purchase with we play well together was my Zenko Elemental Aqua witch has coined the name Baby Water Turtle. This sweet drum found its way home. When I play I immediately tune into myself as this beautiful instrument is tuned to 432hz. which relaxes the body and mind and vibrates at the same hz. as the Universe. Putting into words my love for this instrument is not possible. All I can say is if music is your thing and you want an instrument the connects with the best of your heart, I highly recommend getting a Zenko Elemental in which ever element calls to you or purchasing the whole set.

Wendy Kislik
Love love love

Great instrument

Cynthia Quintanal
Wish I could give this 6 stars!!

This Zenko Equinox tongue drum is such a smile maker. The sound is sweet, projects very well and is the sound that provokes many folks into a peaceful sense of joy and relaxation whether playing it or listening. When I first brought this one home, our room mate who had just moved in with her two cats (who were stressed from the move), took this drum into her room and I did not see her nor the drum until the next day! We have nicknamed this one "Baby pan". Its' influence on anyone person in human or animal form is to calm and bring a sense of deep peace. Super easy to carry to any gig or just to the park to offer some beautiful vibes. It is also so beautifully crafted and stunning to look at. I often get inquiries at gigs on where to purchase one.