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Monochord Table - Basic no add ons


wood type

 The Monochord Table creates a full body experience of sound, vibration and sound massage. Our Monochord table recently had a major tune up. This latest Monochord Table has a sophisticated internal body that evokes more brilliant overtones and a brighter bass and vibration than its predecessor. The tuning stability is 100% when the client’s weight is on the table. It’s easy to play and anyone can use it intuitively without any prior musical experience.

Quality: Hand Crafted in Germany

Strings and Tuning: You can choose either 60 blank overtone strings or 30 blank overtone strings and 30 wound bass strings.

Dimensions: The assembled table measures 79.2'' x 28'' x 32'' (For shipping the legs can be taken off and the monochord packs into a 80” x 35”x 35” box.)

Weight: Body weight is 99 pounds (45 kg), with a total weight of 132 pounds (60 kg). It can easily be carried by two people.

It is designed for people weighing up to 330 pounds (150 kg).

Materials: The reclining ash wood surface is softly bent, soothing to the back. The resonance body, also made of ash, bends in two directions supporting the sound brilliance. You can choose a frame, feet and cross bar made either from ash or cherry wood.

Includes: Tuner, tuning instrument, some replacement strings.

Training:  Free 30 minute training via Skype.

Personalize and accessorize your Monochord Table

  • Headrest set adaptor or headrest set with integrated armrest.
  • Armrest set add-on side table. Place singing bowls on the side table and feel the vibrations transfer to the Monochord Table.
  • Monochord Table extensions. Make your table longer and wider.
  • Integrated extra-large bottom shelf for your personal items or singing bowls. Play the singing bowls sitting on the shelf and feel the vibrations transfer to the Monochord Table.
  • Rolling Sitting Board. Put a meditation cushion on the board and move easily from one position to another so you can utilize the full length of the strings and enjoy the different overtones that are created when you play the Table in different positions.

Please contact me if you have any questions and I will help you to choose the right accessories. The price quoted below is for the KLL-2 Overtone & Vibration Monochord Table in ashwood without any add-ons.

What our customers are saying:

“The power of sound has the ability to penetrate our cells, our hearts, our souls, our minds and it may ignite your own body's healing abilities. It can assist us in awakening to our true selves and help us remember who we truly are; beautiful & powerful beings of love and light. Meet my new monochord table. It has 60 strings underneath. .... To experience a sound session with my new monochord table is an experience like no other you can imagine.”

Vanessa C. Miami FL



Ask a Question
  • I am interested in your soundbed and have been shopping around. My question is, where are the sound holes located on your design? I have seen some with sound holes on the side and then some where sound holes are made where the person lays and by their head. What is the difference? Also what is the difference in the number of strings in your options? Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

    In a monochord table or Piano the sound gets created by the reflection of the sound of the Resonance base plate. Our monochord table has to resonance plates one is the concave top surface and the arched bottom surface. As one surface faces the floor and the other surface the ceiling the sound can achieve maximum expression.
    There is also a designed gap between the monochord frame and the monochord strings that also function as an alround soundhole but the most important part is the resonance plate and that the structural design of  the table does not dampen the sound when a person lays on the table.

    Our Monochord table has a sophisticated and complex inner design of sound chambers and structural elements.
    This allows our table to be freestanding at a height you can also work on your client standing up and the pitch and sound of the Bed will not change with the weight of the person laying on the bed.

    This is the most important element of a table you don't want a table that sounds good when noone is laying on it and than 'muffeled' when the weight of the person changes the pressure inside the soundchamber and distorts the sound. 

    Our  whole Table is an 'open' soundchamber so the sound will resonanate and be amplified by the table design.
    We decided to have 60 strings with the overtone strings in the middle and bass strings on each site. This allows you to play on both sites and create overtone and bass notes. The strings are spaced in a way so they resonate with each other and are easy to play. The spacing is important, if the strings are to close to one another it is very hard to play an even sound carpet which will allow the strings to swing freely and your hand excite one string after anonter, creating the most overtones and richness of sound. 

    If the strings are to close together it takes more effort to create an even sound.
    We also include a free 30 min online training with the monochord table to get you started and availabel for your questions along the way.

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