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Green - Terra - C-major Koshi & Zaphir and B9 Kalimba Set

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Original price $187.50
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If you are looking for a companion instrument for your Koshi or Zaphir chime we have put together sets for you.
How to chose? 
If you already have instruments in different tuning chose a tuning that matches your instrument sets.
If you already have a Koshi Chime and don't know which tuning you have. If you look at the O in the Koshi logo it is colored in with a color and you can find the matching set by using the color name to find the matching instruments.
This Set here: color: Green (tuning C-major)
- Koshi Terra - Green 
- matching Zaphir Autumn ( also in the color green)
- B9 tuned to match both chimes
If you would like to know more about the tunings of each instruments 
This set matches a C-major scale, 432 Hz and any instruments that are tuned to that range.

- Koshi Terra : G C E F G C E G 
- Zaphir Autumn:  E G B C E G B C
- matching B9: A, E(high), E(low), C(high), C(low),A, G, F(high), B C-Major