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Sounding with the Monochord Online Course


Joule L'Adara with feeltone Monochord

Sounding With the Monochord:

3-Month Small Group Live Interactive Online Course for Voice and Monochord


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Sounding Circles Presents: Sounding with the Monochord

This is an interactive support group and semi-private instruction with slides, written materials, and recordings you get to keep. Learn special techniques for how to vocally sound and tone together with your monochord combined with monochord playing tips. You're invited to go deeper into the monochord while expanding your possibilities for powerful self-expression. You'll be shown how to work with your own voice as a tool for self-healing, learning simple yet powerful practices that can change your life, by developing and committing to a daily sounding practice with accountability from the group. The course covers instruction of supportive breathing and vocal techniques, working with vowel sounds, learning vocal overtoning, extended vocal techniques, visualization exercises and more.This class will up your inner ear, enhance your speaking and singing voice, and help you to feel vibrationally balanced and powerful. You will also have partner sessions with others within the group outside the course. This is not a singing course and no vocal expertise is necessary. Trained vocalists as well as those afraid of using their voice will have the opportunity for rich self-discovery. For the monochord, we recommend first taking the "Secrets of the Monochord" training to learn basic playing techniques, but special permission may be granted to take this class without it for those who've been playing the monochord for some time. 

Course Fee: $650 savings rate or payment plan of $250 per month x 3 months 

Choose from one of these time options on Recurring Thursdays: 

Class Group One: 1pm - 3pm Eastern Standard Time 

Class Group Two: 8pm - 10 pm Eastern Standard Time 

Course Runs from Thursday, October - December 2021

Contact: if you would like to receive more information. 


What participants have shared about "Sounding with the Monochord":

"I loved the meditations, and¬†the experience of learning how to do that for myself with all¬†the different ways that sound can be used. I enjoyed all¬†the exercises¬†you shared with us: giving expression to a part of our bodies that needs attention, and all the varied ways we can use sound that I‚Äôd never thought of before!¬†I learned is how¬†important sound is as a personal practice to keep our vibration high ‚Äď to play, use my voice, and use the instrument, and the understanding¬†our own voice is the most healing sound that we have! ¬†I‚Äôm inspired to use my voice more!"

- Martha Lucier, founder of Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat Centre
Ontario, Canada

"In a nutshell Joule¬†created safe space ‚Äď even though we‚Äôre all in completely different places.¬†She¬†comes off in an expert manner. There are¬†slides, and there are times when we‚Äôre not looking at the slides when we're toning with our¬†eyes closed ‚Äď but then you can come back and it‚Äôs like oh,¬†there‚Äôs a brightness ‚Äď these visuals are great! We're invited to¬†go deeper in ourselves,¬†there‚Äôs no judgement. We're introduced¬†to all these things, which doesn‚Äôt mean you need to use them all, but there‚Äôs the path and the way to explore.¬†It¬†was an¬†introduction to so many techniques, like toning.¬†There's also¬†a¬†piece about practice ‚Äď that some things come naturally and that you like, but here are ways to work on those you don't; pushing¬†the exploration so you‚Äôre not just in your comfort zone. Through that process you learn about what your comfort zone is."

-Valerie Sonnenthal, Sound Facilitator
Martha's Vineyard 

 Joule L'Adara, Feeltone Trainer

About the Instructor:

Joule L'Adara, MFA is a certified trainer for Feeltone Instruments. She has taught vocal sound healing workshops since 2009 and been teaching online since 2014 - having a unique ability to create the feeling of palpable togetherness in the online format. 

Joule is an experimental vocalist, holistic vocal coach, and sound facilitator based in New York City. She is the founder of Sounding Circles, offering sound-based practices that support well-being for personal transformational development, as well as training sound practitioners through live workshops, retreats, and online courses. Her vocal meditation programs have been featured nationally at the New York Open Center, Integral Yoga Institute, Donna Karan’s Urban Zen, Unplug Meditation, The Green Spa, Naturopathica, The Dorot Institute, New York City’s Community Healthcare Network, The WOOM Center, The Big Quiet, The Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation Denver, The Globe Institute San Francisco, Community Arts Partnership (CAP) Program in Los Angeles, and at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Hawaii. She has worked with global companies including the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill's Women's Initiative, WeWork Wellness, and Planned Parenthood. Additionally, Joule is a trained classical singer who has performed with The Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall. 


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