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Klangfarben Tubular Chimes with Lydia Hwang

Klangfarben Tubular Chimes with Lydia Hwang

Lydia Hwang Presentation
San Francisco based Sound practitioner Lydia Hwang recently gave our Monochord Monday Meetup Zoom group a super treat by demonstrating how she layers the Monolina Monochords along with the Klangfarben Hanging Chimes. (Join our meetup group to access.) She also offered an Instagram Live Interview on @weplaywelltogether where she shared her story of how she came to work with sound after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease. You can watch a short video on our YouTube Channel of Lydia playing the Klangfarben healing chimes here: 

Following her auto-immune disease diagnosis in 2004, Lydia launched her dedicated pursuit of self-healing in the U.S. and abroad. Beginning at the Tama-Do Academy, she studied with pioneering leader Fabien Maman, regarded as the founding father of vibrational sound therapy.

After solidifying her foundational studies, she teamed up with master chime builder Wolfgang Dienert to hone her professional craft and develop her unique skill set. Her refined comprehension of sound frequencies and resonance can be heard when she plays Dienert’s chimes alongside the monochord table and Tibetan bowls. In 2016, Lydia became certified as an Aura-Soma practitioner; a system of color, plant and crystal energies that illuminate one's true colors and help transformation, attain balance and harmony, happiness, and vitality.

Lydia Hwang

Today, Lydia alchemizes mediums of sound and color into a uniquely powerful healing practice called “Color Soul” intuitive readings. Apart from her private healing practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lydia leads color and sound workshops, is a guest sound healer at Ratna Ling retreat center offering life enhancing sound journeys for group retreats, and co-facilitates yoga and sound events. Musically, she is one of the founding members of Savasana Sound, performing group concerts, sound journeys, and recorded albums (soon to be released).

Learn more about Lydia and Aspira Sound

Wolfgang Deinert, created Klangfarben in 1989, in Germany and has been handcrafting his precision Bell chimes and tubular gongs ever since. These instruments open up a new level of working with sound, the instruments are made with high quality brass.

The precision tuning of a set is done on the same day so the chime sets stay in tune together. Metal is a material that changes with temperature so the tuning aspect is very important, then the gong chimes are finished by hand polishing. 
Klangfarben Large Hanging Chimes
WE PLAY WELL TOGETHER is the exclusive distributor for Klangfarben in North America. We sell pre-tuned sets in a variety of scales, and can custom-create your own chime set based on any scale or frequency.
Klangfarben Tubular Chimes
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