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The Metal Sounds Story!

The Metal Sounds Story!

Metal Sounds:

Handpans Handmade in France


SPACEDRUM®, the intuitive handpan, is a metal melodic instrument inspired by the original steel drum (aka the steelpan) and by the Hang® invented by PANArt® in 2000. Metal Sounds' handpans have been designed and handcrafted since 2006, and were the first handpan producer in France.

As requirements, tastes, and desires vary, Metal Sounds offers two different lines of handpans:

Spacedrum Evolution

 The Spacedrum Evolution® is handmade from stainless steel. Now in its 5th generation, this handpan has a unique reversed note layout, with Ding as the first note on the scale. It's extremely easy to play - strong and powerful with a sustained resonance. This is the perfect handpan for music-therapy or relaxation.

Spacedrum Nitro

The Spacedrum Nitro® is handmade from nitrided steel and gives a totally different sound than the Evolution®. This type of handpan or pantam is designed for musicians, percussionists and everybody who wants to groove to the music. The sound is soft and round, while the tones are precise and offer a choice for all percussive technics, when either played soft or dynamically.

The production quality and fine tuning of these handpans, with the offering of diverse scales (pentatonic, diatonic, or harmonized) make the Spacedrum from Metal Sounds a renowned and respected musical instrument worldwide. 

We interviewed on one of the Co-founders of the company, Marc Guilliou, to share with you the story of how the Metal Sounds Company came into being. We wove this together into a 41-minute narrative video together with scenes from their workshop and clips from musicians around the world playing Metal Sounds instruments in innovative ways. The interview starts about 10 minutes into the video, after a review of the Spacedrum Nitro by acclaimed music producer Todd Boston. We hope you enjoy watching and hearing the Metal Sounds Story! 

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