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TINKA TONG (432hz/440hz) - available in 4 tunings

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Color: Blue - D-minor
Tuning: 432 hz - standard

 Feeltone has also crafted beautiful wood tongue-drums and we are proud to launch their new Tinka Tong Aqua. This drum matches the Water Elemental Soundscape Collection. 

The Tinka Tong creates short, light percussive tones that are earthy, warm, and grounding. Depending on how it's played it can sometimes sound whimsical and cheerful (even when playing in a minor key) or activating and energizing. Tinka Tongs are wonderful for playing towards the beginning or ending of sound journeys to connect, ground, and activate the physical body.


  • 4 different tunings available 432hz (in stock) 440hz ( special order)
  • Blue Aqua -6 tones in D minor: A D F G A D
  • Gold Aria - 6 tones in A minor: A C E A B C
  • Green Terra - 6 tones in C-Major: G C E F G C
  • Red Ignis - 6 tones in G-Major: G B D G A B
  • Woods used: Padouk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) and cherry (Prunus serotina)
  • Dimensions: 12" x 5" x 4" 
  • Accessories: 2 mallets 
  • treated with non toxic biological hard wax
  • Made in Germany :  
  • Convenient hand grip hole on the bottom lets you hold the drum and play with one hand.

Small and lightweight this six-note Tinka Tong is a lot of fun to play. It emits a clear, melodic tone and is a great instrument for easily combining rhythm and melody.


Customer Reviews

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Dianna L Norwood
Tinka Tong (432 hz) 4 Tunings

The wait is over!!! I am now the proud owner of the Aqua (Blue), Aria (Gold), Terra (Green), & Ignis (Red) Tinka Tongs. I purchased the Aqua first just to test the water, & immediately fell in love with the instrument. I purchased the other 3 Tinka Tongs just as soon as they became available. It adds so much more to the experience to play multiple instruments at once. I line the Tinka Tongs vertically & mainly play 2 at a time. It is fun just to hit random notes & to be amazed at the unique sounds to be made. Every note played is indeed beautiful & harmonious.
The majors & minors do pair well together. The Aqua (D Minor) & the Terra (C Major) pair well together.
The Ignis (G Major) & Aria (A Minor) pair well together.
You are not limited to playing minors & majors together. Both the Terra (C Major) & Ignis (G Major) sound well together- so light & happy.
The instruments are well made & sound amazing.
This is a great company to do business with. Emails are promptly responded to. Orders are mailed via UPS within days. The instruments are exceptionally well packaged & arrive in perfect condition.
I look forward to adding the chimes to my collection in the future- Terra & the Ignis in a few months.
Thanks to the hard working team at WPWT.