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TWINKLE SET Koshi + B5 Aqua (432hz) Elemental Soundscapes Water Collection (D-minor)

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The Video shows the Koshi Chime Aqua and the Hokema B5 Kalimba in 432 hz played over the drone of a Monolina D 

Combine the twinkle sound of the B5 in Aqua tuning with the Koshi Aqua Chime.

The tiny B5 Kalimba, from Hokema Kalimba is a "pocket kalimba" that is small enough to go anywhere with you and that offers high pitch frequencies that twinkles over the Koshi and Zaphir chime sounds.

The Koshi Chimes are made in France and are the original Inspiration for these beautiful elemental sets. Koshis have become a beloved sound bath essential instrument - whether you hold them in your hand, dangle them from a stand, or hang them outdoors for the wind to play.