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Koshi Chimes - Aria - Yellow

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Color: Gold

ARIA - Air Tuning - ♪♫ A C E A B C E B Yellow dot

Check out the ARIA - Air Tuning with notes A C E A B C E B, marked by a yellow dot. It's a key player in our Yellow Aminor Soundscape set, which also features Monochords, Zaphir Chimes, Kalimbas, and both Wooden and Metal Drums, all tuned to harmonize in A-minor.

Crafted with passion at the base of the Pyrenean mountains, each Aria Koshi chime is a testament to high-quality, original craftsmanship. Created by hand in our workshop, these chimes blend eight silver-welded chords into a metal base, producing clear, overtone-rich tones that spiral into a harmonious melody.

Gently sway the chime by its cord to unlock its crystalline, soothing sounds, or let it interact with the breeze to serenade you with spontaneous melodies. While these sounds are magical for all ages, they're best kept out of reach from the little ones under three for safety.

Chime dimensions are as follows: Chime diameter is 2 1/2", length is 6 1/2", and the total item length hits 14".

Expand your musical universe by combining the Koshi Chime with a Hokema Kalimba and a Zenko drum. Whether you're jamming with friends or finding your solo groove, these instruments are perfect for crafting your own elemental soundscapes.


Customer Reviews

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Dianna L Norwood
Aqua, Aria, Ignis, & Terra Koshi Chimes

All that I can say is that I love my Koshi Chimes. Each Elemental Chime is unique & complete in its own light tinkling playful sound & becomes even more beautiful in the complexity of two chimes paired together. I particularly enjoy the calming quality of Aqua & Aria. I also like the joyfulness & energy of Ignis & Terra as they are played together. I bought the Koshi Chimes because they were highly recommended for their durability & because they never go out of tune. I also like the earthiness of the color of bamboo. One day I might like to pair Koshi Chimes with a pop of color from matching Zaphir Chimes.
Now let me throw in the beauty of the B5 Hokema Kalimbas - Terra & Aqua as they are paired with their companion Koshi Chimes. I have small hands & can easily hold & play the B5 Kalimba as I am holding the chime of the same tone in the other hand. This is indeed as lovely as the Elemental Soundscape video.
I like to play the Koshi Chimes before I go to bed as it helps to empty my mind, offer relaxation & sounder sleep.
My thanks again to the WPWT team for providing yet another pleasant experience as I keep adding to my ever growing collection of musical instruments.

Dianna L Norwood
Aria Air A Minor Koshi Chime

Customer service was yet again excellent. My question was answered promptly by email. Items were mailed promptly & in excellent condition upon arrival. I purchased my Aria Chime & was thrilled by its beauty & by how easy it was to learn to play. All I need to do is slightly move my arm to emit the best sound. Please do not sling your chimes from side to side as it will sound chaotic. There are instructional videos on Youtube that will teach you how to play your chimes correctly. I did purchase a companion Hokema Kalimba in the same key to play with the Koshi chime. The chimes & kalimba do sound beautiful when played together by 2 people. I personally feel that it would be better for me to play 2 Koshi chimes together as it is easier as my coordination is just so so so. I will be adding more Koshi chimes to my growing collection of musical instruments from WPWT. As always I am pleased with my purchase.


This chime (Ignis/red/g-major) makes absolutely captivating sounds, I really love it. I initially made the investment for a meditation workshop I was leading with college students— many of them said that the 7 or so minutes I spent moving around the room with the chime was the very best ("most magical") part of a very enjoyable weekend. I am excited to fine more ways to share it with others! My cats like it too :)
I love the We Play Well Together business model and ethos, and look forward to bringing them more business.

Lindsey Mais
Gentel Resonating Sound for peace and balance

I purchased my first chime, water Koshi , the gentle resonating sounds bring me peace and balance.


The sound is unbelievable