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Elemental Soundscapes: WATER - Tour of Instruments

Start Creating mesmerizing Soundscapes

ELEMENTAL SOUNDSCAPES are collections of our instruments that are made to match each other with elemental-themed tuning in different musical chords. These precisely tuned sonic tools allow you to create mesmerizing soundscapes by layering tones while freeing up your creativity to play intuitively as there are "no wrong notes" in each elemental collection. (This concept also allows you to build on the instrument collections you already have by easily matching our instruments to yours.) 

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HOKEMA Kalimbas has stood for high-quality musical instruments since 1985.

We offer three different Kalimba models.

  1. Kalimbas - a block of cherrywood with different numbers stainless steel tines. From 5 tines to 17 tines. Each model comes in its own default tunning.
  2. Electro Kalimbas : Our most popular Kalimba models with a building pickup so you can connect them to your amplifier.
  3. Sansulas which have our Kalimba block mounted on a drum frame. Available in different materials and different number of tines.
Hokema B15 kalimba | weplaywelltogether

Our Insta Video about the B15 (NEW) was our most watched video

When we asked folks what they liked about it, many replied the combination of the lower tones together with the visual of watching the tines "wiggle" brought about an incredibly soothing effect.

Learn more about the B15 and B17
B11 electro kalimba by Hokema | weplaywelltogether

Kalimba Electro: Techniques for the Studio and Live Stage!

Check out this sweet little 83-second video featuring the Kalimba Electro by Hokema. With its piezo pickup and a 6.35mm jack socket, the Kalimba Electro makes it possible to pick up sound directly from the instrument without an additional microphone: perfect for music producers, studio and live musicians for adding gorgeous pitched percussive notes into their musical grooves.  

Watch the Video!