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Our newest Kalimba:  The B17 "Mini" by Hokema

Our newest Kalimba: The B17 "Mini" by Hokema

Just in time for the 2022 holiday season, we introduce the new B17 "Mini" Kalimba by Hokema Kalimbas. This new model was specially designed with smaller hands in mind! The B17-Mini is more easily playable for children, young adults, and anyone with a smaller-sized hand.

Another fun bonus of the B-17 Mini is that the metal tines are mounted more closely together. This makes it easier to play glissandos: a musical term which means "a continuous slide upward or downward between two or more notes". You can take your thumbs and run them in a sweeping motion up or down, producing with ease this delightful sound effect where the notes blend seamlessly into each other.

B17-Mini Kalimba by Hokema

This new B17-Mini Kalimba has the exact same musical layout and tuning of the larger B17 Kalimba (original)made from a beautiful block of American Cherry wood upon which metal tines fan out to form two-and-a-half octaves of the *C-Major diatonic scale. This kalimba starts with the bottom root note in the middle then alternates back and forth between the left and right sides played by the thumbs building up the scale from the inside opening out to the sides of the instrument. Because of this special layout, chord triads are located adjacent to each other, making different chords easy to see and therefore song accompaniment easily learnable and playable. It also comes with little "chord magnets" that allow you to mark the chords you want to play! Watch this 2-minute video to hear the sweet glissandos and see how the chord magnets function:

Kalimbas are metal-tined instruments which originated in southern Africa (thousands of years old) and can now be found in countless variations all over the world. This new model along with many other kalimba versions including the Sansula and Kalimba Electro can be found on our site. 

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