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Introducing the Zenko ELEMENTALS: Earth / Air / Fire / Water in 432 Hz

Introducing the Zenko ELEMENTALS: Earth / Air / Fire / Water in 432 Hz

Heard of Koshi Chimes?

(Or maybe you have one!)

Koshi Ignis with the red dot in the O of Koshi

These popular hanging chimes in 432 Hz from France have become "sound mediation" essential tools in recent years. We were then of course thrilled when The Metal Sounds Company decided to create a set of Zenko drum "Elementals" in corresponding tunings to match the Koshis. We knew the sound-healing folks would love these small, lightweight, beautifully sweet bell-like melodic drums that could be incorporated so seamlessly into a sound-bath setup. 

  set of the 4 Zenko Elemental drums

At half the size (and half the price-point) of the larger Zenko Tongue-Drums, our community has nicknamed these the "baby turtles" and shown them lots of love so far. (And while they're tuned in 432 Hz to match the Koshis, we will have versions in 440 hz available as well soon.)


EARTH ELEMENT: C-Major "Terra" = Energizing 

Zenko Elemental Terra with travel bag and mallets
AIR ELEMENT: A-minor "Aria" = Mystical 

Zenko Elemental in Aria tuning

FIRE ELEMENT: G-Major "Ignis" = Heartwarming

Zenko elemental in Ignis tuning

WATER ELEMENT: D-minor "Aqua" = Introspective


On the practical side, the Zenko Elementals have three rubber feet, allowing them to be placed on a variety of surfaces. This small, intuitive melodic percussion instrument can also be played easily by holding it in one hand or resting it on your thighs. Its size allows you to take it everywhere with you thanks to the including carrying bag.

back of the Zenko elemental Terra drum        

Watch this 1-minute video to hear all four Elemental tunings:   

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