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Zenko Chromatic Two Pack: Ionian and Combo (16 Notes)

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The Zenko is a stainless-steel tongue drum (also called a “tank” drum or “hank”) designed and created by Metal Sounds in France. The drum can be played by both beginners and experienced musicians alike. This “two pack” of the complementary Ionian and Combo Zenkos enable you to play in any key. Play them individually or together and partake of unlimited musical possibilities.

Tuning:  16 notes total, from Bb3 to C#5 with F4 common to both instruments.

Ionian (9 notes): A3 C4 D E F G A B C5

Combo (8 notes): Bb3 C#4 Eb4 F4 F#4 G#4 Bb4 C#5

Dimensions: Weight: 6.17 lbs.,Diameter: 12.6 inches, Height: 5.12 inches

Materials: Stainless steel


2 Deluxe bags
2 Support rings
2 Pairs of sticks

Zenkos spread sound in smooth, soft waves. Their high harmonics content is the result of perfect tuning that remains stable over the years.

Extras: Want to play your Zenkos standing up? We have specially designed stands that are both collapsible and adjustable - an essential accessory for your Zenkos


Why does the Combo ( in this chromatic scale) starts with Bb3 instead of C#?

The Ionian Zenko on its own is designed so that if you play the center note (ding) in combination with the other notes it sounds like A-minor. If you only play the notes around the edge and not the center note, it can be heard as a C-Major scale.

The Combo Zenko (which has no center note or ding) adds the sharps and flats to form a full 12-note chromatic scale from C4 to Bb4, plus some “extra” notes on each end including A3 + Bb3 on the low end and Bb4, C5, C#5 on the high end.

The choice was made for the Combo instrument to start with the Bb3 (instead of the C#) as the range of tones on the Zenko would have become too high if it went up to Eb5 (there is a range of tones possible within the shape of the instrument that also sound clear and not too high.) There are some limitations with these instruments as to what notes they can start and end on and retrain the same size and shape.

Would you like to learn how to play the Zenko drum 

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Excellent customer service!

Gabriele is a pleasure to work with over the phone and asked all the right questions to ensure I ended up with precisely the right gift! Truly appreciated the individualized attention and loved being able to support this business, especially in these times.