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Zaphir Chime -Jeweled colored Autumn: Twilight - apricot Orange

by zaphir
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Jeweled Colored four Season Zaphir Chime:
Autumn: Twilight - apricot-orange | E G B C E G B C

Pairs well with the rest of the Zaphir set or a Koshi Terra.
You can also add a Hokema Kalimba Terra tunning  to match the Tera  and Twilight chime.

The Zaphir chimes have a lovely marbleized color finish and their tuning is dedicated to the 4 Season. ( Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter)
The Koshi Chimes are made out of bamboo and their tuning reflects the four elements ( Ignis - Terra - Aqua - Aria)
Both kinds of chimes are crafted with care, beautifully tuned, and create a relaxing, enchanting magical sound with rich overtones.
The Zaphir chimes have a more crystalline sound compared to the Koshi's but are a bit more delicate.
We pack them in extra cardboard boxes that can also used for storage.


The 8 metal cords made out of bronze of different lengths are welded with silver into the metal ring at the base and precise tuning ensures a harmonic interaction of tones and overtones.

The pendulum/striker is made of glass.
The body, made of high-quality fiberboard, is covered with a robust, decorative paper with an oil-painted marble effect and waxed.

Move your Zaphir chime gently holding it by its cord or suspend it and it will play with the wind carrying you away in an unexpected melody.
Use them for mediation, relaxation, or in your sound bath, yoga and music session, or just for fun. Both children and grown-ups love the sound.
PLEASE NOTE: Although children love the crystalline sound, these chimes are not toys for children under 4 to 5 years of age.

Outside use: The chimes can be used outside in a dry protected place. However, like many objects left outside, weather conditions will dull the vibrant nature of these chimes and fade the colors.

Chime Measurements:
Total Chime Length: 14.5"
Chime Length: 5"
Chime Diameter: 2.5"
Each chime is packed individually in its own sturdy cardboard storage box.

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