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Padouk Soundwave - Monochord and Drum - 2 version

Original price $7,415.98 - Original price $7,776.34
Original price $7,415.98
$7,415.98 - $7,776.34
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Size: standard

The Padouk Soundwave combines a 40 string monochord with a 4 toned bass tongue drum, and a gentle curved surface in which to recline. It was invented by feeltone’s Ingo Böhme in 2003 and today is known and used worldwide. Recline in the curvy Soundwave to enjoy a full body experience of sound, vibration and sound massage. Used for meditation, relaxation, therapy treatments, massage.

  • Monochord¬†40 strings: 21 overtone strings in c, 15 bass strings in C, 4 extra thick bass strings in C. The ¬†
  • Bass Tongue Drum has¬†4 tones in A, B, d, e.

Available in two sizes

  • Standard:¬†¬†size 75 x 30¬†x 23 inches. Reclining area 53 x 25.
  • Extra wide: 3 inches wider than standard size 75 x 33 x 23 inches. Reclining area 54x28

Designed so you can drape a standard-sized yoga mat on the surface. 

Materials: The body is made of beech wood, and the sounding panels are made of sustainably harvested Padoukwood.

Includes: Mallet, tuning key, tuner, replacement strings, and hygrometer.

Training:  Free 30 minute online training 

Accessories for Purchase: 

  • Clip-on table for Singing Bowls and Kalimbas
  • Transport device
  • Stool

What our customers are saying: 

"The Soundwave is such a complete and powerful instrument. The four notes of the tongue drum each address another part of the body. The big tongue drum therefore is a perfect instrument to start a session with. It allows you to 'feel' and tune into the person. By playing the tongue drum you can invite your customer to slow down his breathing and heart rhythm. A steady drum rhythm can bring you and/or your customer in a trance. The monochord is very different from the drum. It creates smooth, rich sound waves that take you on a journey within. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation, see shapes or colors, hear choirs, flutes, horns or other kinds of instruments or feel deeply rooted emotions. I often use the soundwave for people with emotional stress. It helps opening up doors, gates previously kept locked."

- Patrik Niels - soundtherapist - (Belgium)