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Padouk Soundwave - Monochord and Drum - 2 version

Original price $7,415.98 - Original price $7,776.34
Original price $7,415.98
$7,415.98 - $7,776.34
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Size: standard

The Padouk Soundwave combines a 40 string monochord with a 4 toned bass tongue drum, and a gentle curved surface in which to recline. It was invented by feeltone’s Ingo Böhme in 2003 and today is known and used worldwide. Recline in the curvy Soundwave to enjoy a full body experience of sound, vibration and sound massage. Used for meditation, relaxation, therapy treatments, massage.

  • Monochord¬†40 strings: 21 overtone strings in c, 15 bass strings in C, 4 extra thick bass strings in C. The ¬†
  • Bass Tongue Drum has¬†4 tones in A, B, d, e.

Available in two sizes

  • Standard:¬†¬†size 75 x 30¬†x 23 inches. Reclining area 53 x 25.
  • Extra wide: 3 inches wider than standard size 75 x 33 x 23 inches. Reclining area 54x28

Designed so you can drape a standard-sized yoga mat on the surface. 

Materials: The body is made of beech wood, and the sounding panels are made of sustainably harvested Padoukwood.

Includes: Mallet, tuning key, tuner, replacement strings, and hygrometer.

Training:  Free 30 minute online training 

Accessories for Purchase: 

  • Clip-on table for Singing Bowls and Kalimbas
  • Transport device
  • Stool

What our customers are saying: 

"The Soundwave is such a complete and powerful instrument. The four notes of the tongue drum each address another part of the body. The big tongue drum therefore is a perfect instrument to start a session with. It allows you to 'feel' and tune into the person. By playing the tongue drum you can invite your customer to slow down his breathing and heart rhythm. A steady drum rhythm can bring you and/or your customer in a trance. The monochord is very different from the drum. It creates smooth, rich sound waves that take you on a journey within. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation, see shapes or colors, hear choirs, flutes, horns or other kinds of instruments or feel deeply rooted emotions. I often use the soundwave for people with emotional stress. It helps opening up doors, gates previously kept locked."

- Patrik Niels - soundtherapist - (Belgium) 




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ms Patricia Jean Fleming
Try it - you will love it . . .

Unfortunately these wonderful creations are outside my budget but, today, I got to sit in one and I have to say it was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in a long time. Energy work is not for everyone, my friend with me had to stand up and move away from the vibrations.
Personally, I am a trained spiritual healer and also trained in Reiki. I am an intuitive and Medium. I have used drums for my own benefit and learned through the amazing Arthur Hull to be certified in Drum Circle Facilitation.
Music, in whichever form, is all about vibration. We benefit from 'good vibrations' as the Beach Boys shared with us soooooo many years ago.
These incredible seats hold you in an embrace of comfort and energy that had an incredibly uplifting and relaxing effect on me today. If it is in your budget then I would highly recommend these.

Cynthia Quintanal
Integration plus!

I am so pleased with the addition of the Monchair in my healing practice treatment room. It works so effectively at calming a client who is nervous or anxiety ridden so that we can proceed to the treatment table with out a long process of relaxation. Just 5 mins is really all that is needed. The chair takes up about the amount of space a comfortable chair might take and is very pleasant to look at. A lot of folks do not even realize where the music is coming from until I show them the strings! One of my clients only wants the chair when she comes for treatments and I am happy to play for her session for an hour. Playing also puts me in a beautiful space to do my work. I often use it for integration after a particularly intense healing process and people are able to integrate and ground much quicker with the vibrations the chair runs through their body.

Bo L Nielsen
Monochord Table

I have worked with the monochord table for several years with individuals. The depth and extend of the effect from the table is absolutely amazing. The monochord table gives a full physical and energetic body tuning and harmonization.
It is truly like nothing else you have ever tried!
I give my highest recommendation to feeltone instruments, specially the monochord table!

Bo L Nielsen, San Diego California