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Large Monochord strings MO-60, MO-54T, MO -6GK

Original price $5.28 - Original price $63.10
Original price $5.28
$5.28 - $63.10
Current price $5.28
Large Monochords: overtone c

If you need replacement strings for your Monochord, it is important that you only use our feeltone strings as they are made specifically for these instruments. Monolina and Monolini Monochords use the same strings, but you need to choose the right tuning.

All the strings in this listing will work for any of the large monochords : 

MO-60 Mediation Okatave monochord

MO-54T Medition monochord with Tanpura strings

MO-46GK KOTAMO  Concert Monochord

Available Strings Monochord part c Overtone, C Bass , G quint,

                            Tanpura set: c c C G set of 4 strings

                             Koto set : set of 12 strings

just call us if you need more help in finding your correct set.