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We recommend our new Kalimba  soft bag in order to adequately protect the Kalimba when the instrument is stored or transported. 

This bag will fit the B15 and the B17 MINI Kalimba.

If you have a regular sized B17 this will not work and we do have a different bag for that Kalimba.

  • Bag reinforced with fiberglass
  • Fully padded on the inside
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Protect your Kalimba perfectly
  • Lightweight and durable

Reinforced with fiberglass, this bag is durable and long-lasting. The fully padded interior ensures that your Kalimba  stays safe and secure.With an adjustable shoulder strap, you can carry your instrument comfortably wherever you go.

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Peter and Hugo Hokema | weplaywelltogether

Hokema Kalimbas is now run by the second generation with Peter's son Hugo Hokema at the helm of this family-run business. Today, Hokema has 9 employees has become one of the world's leading manufacturer of beautiful and easy-to-play kalimbas in various models worldwide.