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2 CHIME SET: KOSH AQUA & ZAPHIR BLUE (432hz) - Elemental Soundscapes Water Collection (D-minor)

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Combine the two lovely Chimes to add a more complex Twinkle sound

This video shows the Koshi Aqua and Zaphir Blue in D-minor 432hz played together 

  • Koshi Aqua Chime
  • Zaphir Chime Blue

The Koshi Chimes are made in France and are the original Inspiration for these beautiful elemental sets. Koshis have become a beloved sound bath essential instrument - whether you hold them in your hand, dangle them from a stand, or hang them outdoors for the wind to play.

Koshi's close cousin are the Zaphir Chimes also made in France. Zaphirs come in a variety of colors so we've chosen this royal blue to be our D-minor chime.

While Koshi and Zaphir Chimes are similar in construction - with a dangling bead that taps tones into metal dowels guided by a wooden "sail" on the string from which the bead hangs - the Zaphir Blue has an alternate tuning as one Ab note brings just a slight sweet dissonance to the chord.

It's fun to play with both the Koshi and its matching Zaphir in our elemental sets as you can hold one in each hand and create stereo effects where you hear slightly different tones in each ear.