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Wellness Percussion for everyone : We have you covered! Koshi Chimes, monochords, Kalimbas, handpans, Zenko drums and more! WePlayWellTogether - Instruments for Communities
Need a musical Gift? We have you covered! Koshi Chimes, Kalimbas, handpans, Zenko drums and more! WePlayWellTogether - Instruments for Communities

Feeltone - Making Beautiful Musical Instruments for 40 Years

Feeltone has been making musical instruments since 1980.             

Ingo Boehme from feeltone

Tongue drums, monochords and monochord furniture are the core of feeltone’s line of high quality, primarily hand-crafted instruments.

                                                                  Fun and easy to play, these instruments were designed for musicians and non-musicians alike. One can play them not only for musical enjoyment but also to support the healing work of music and sound therapists, sound healers, sound massage, and the like.   

 “Feeltone stands for sensuous sound instruments and intuitive play.”

Feeltone was started by the inspired instrument maker and designer, Ingo Böhme.  Today Ingo, his work partner and wife Martina-Gläser-Böhme, and the feeltone team, live and work in the small village of Pulow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, an area where a whole network of musicians, craftspeople and artists reside and engage in purposeful sustainable living.

The company's commitment to sustainability is reflected in their latest line of instruments crafted out of sustainably harvested wood.

 “Our team is constantly working with people in the field of wellness, body therapy and sound healing worldwide to hone our instruments and develop and offer trainings for them.”

The feeltone team holds the the vision some day sound will come to be accepted and recognized as a source of healing  for both people and the planet.



GS Music Maker Distribution - We Play Well Together, is the US distributor for feeltone products

Contact Gabriele Schwibach regarding sales inquiries:

Tel: 707-972-0196  ,


feeltone monochords and wooden Tongue drums

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