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Can you play a Sansula ON a Monochord??

Can you play a Sansula ON a Monochord??

We Play Well Together with Sansulas tuned to to work in harmony with all our feeltone Monochords, and they can be played together in surprising ways... 

Sound Artist and We Play Well Together's Creative and Community Director Joule L'Adara recently made a cool new discovery. She demonstrates this with delight in her sound studio located in the Hudson Valley, New York featuring feeltone Monochords and Hokema Kalimbas

Can you play a Sansula ON a Monochord?

Watch this fun short video to see! 

Did you know there's now a Sansula tuning for each of the 5 feeltone Monochord tunings? 

That's right! We've: C - A - G - F - D !

Feeltone monochord, an instrument with 34 strings, 24 overtones, 5 bass and 5 fifth tones.  | weplaywelltogether

The Monochord is a drone instrument with multiple strings tuned to the same note stretched across a wood resonating body. Strumming the strings creates a beautiful cascade of overtones and it's super easy to play. We're the exclusive US distributors for feeltone Monochords (made in Germany) with many models including the Monolina which has become a standard instrument of Sound Baths and Sound Meditation. 
The Sansula is a Kalimba mounted on a drum head which amplifies the sound and allows players to make a wah-wah effect. Hokema Kalimbas are made in Germany and produce gorgeous etherial sounds that are also beloved in the sound-wellness community. 
NOW you can have a Sansula that is custom-tuned to match your Monochord! And you can choose which model Sansula you want:
Sansula Basic (delicate sound, paper drum head)
Sansula Renaissance (durable synthetic drum head)
Sansula Deluxe (goat skin, each is unique)

Guess what's even better? 

We can have your Sansula custom-tuned to either a Major or Minor scale to match your favorite configuration of your "bridge" melody notes if you have a 34-string Monolina (and if you have a 21-string Monolini you can also choose if you'd prefer Major or minor as they'll both go with it!) 

Not sure what to ask for?

Reach out via email to inquire about your custom-tuned Sansula to match your feeltone Monochord (or other instruments - including bowls!) 


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