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World Drum Club Livestream with Kalani Das

Aqua metal tongue drum from Metal Sound and Hokema B9 Aqua both tuned into water element. Feeltone wooden tongue drum. | weplaywelltogether

We Play Well With World Drum Club

Livestreams and Videos with Kalani Das

Our friend Kalani Das runs World Drum Club on YouTube - a tremendous resource for percussionists and those who want to learn percussion techniques. Kalani is creating monthly videos for our community on his channel featuring WE PLAY WELL TOGETHER instruments. 
Kalani's Latest video for March 2024 is a beautiful 20-minute long play set playing our Spacedrum Evolution Handpan. (in Atlanti'co tuning) made by the Metal Sounds Company in France. This is the perfect video to click on an allow to enchant you in the background while you go ahead and read email or do other tasks. Or sit and watch the patterns Kalani plays and tap along with your hands to learn!


Look out for more interactive livestreams with Kalani this summer of 2024!


Kalani & Joule Livestream


Watch Kalani & Joule's Past Livestreams Together: 






Watch Kalani Live-Looping our Elemental Soundscapes Water Collection: